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Planning: The Foundation of Successful Management

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maryam matty

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Planning: The Foundation of Successful Management

tactical planning
done by middle managers for the
next 6-24 months

The Foundation of Successful Management
Making Plans

Establish the
mission & vision
Planning & Strategic
control the stratege
implement the strategic plns
the grand
Planning & Uncertainty
coping with uncertainty by formulating future courses of action to achieved specified results
setting goals and deciding how to achieve them

mission statement
what is our reason for being?

strategic planning
done by top managers for the next 1-5 years
goal action plans

vision statement
what do we want to become
operational planning
done by first line managers
for the next 1-52 weeks
formulate the
strategic plans
then the tactical and
operational plans
expert at producing and selling narrowly defined products

focus on developing new products and in seeking out new markets, rather than waiting for things to happen
let other organizations take the risks of product development and marketing and then imitate what seems to work best

make adjustments only when finally forced to by environmental pressures

Four Basic Strategy Types
businesses are continuously cycling through decisions about three kinds of business problems
Adaptive Cycle
good luck
Maryam Al Yami
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