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Adding -ing

No description

Chalise Myers

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Adding -ing

2nd Grade Language Arts
Words and Phonics Recognition Standard 3
Know and apply grade level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words
D: Decode words with common prefixes and suffixes

Identify the words that add a double consonant at the end before adding -ing and those which don't. Adding -ing as a Suffix VC
(Vowel Consonant) Double Consonant + -ing
(VC) Swimming VCC
(Vowel Consonant Consonant) Pass Nothing + -ing
(VCC) Asking Sit Run Shut Swim Sitting Shutting Running Yell Stand Jump Pick Ask Picking Yelling Standing Jumping Passing He went for a long RUN. Don't SIT in that chair! Ben learned how to
SWIM under water! The boy had to SHUT the big door. Sally and George went
SWIMMING at the beach. Thanks for
SHUTTING down the computer. The family is
for a picnic by
the lake. John is RUNNING away from the mean dog! Will you PASS the
salt to dad, please. It is now time
for the Pledge of Allegience. You may only
YELL when you
are outside! Do not JUMP
on the bed! Jane just had to
PICK the white
flowers from
the garden You must raise your hand
to ASK a question. It was gross
to see Sam
his nose! The kids had fun
the tramp. I received a
on my paper!! The teacher was YELLING so loud, Johnny almost cried! Please be STANDING in a straight line. Nathan is
officer for directions.
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