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The Space Program

By: Brandon Purdey Anthony Reno And Damen Edgar

Anthony Reno

on 14 July 2010

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Transcript of The Space Program

Double click anywhere & add an idea Rockets From Then to Now Originally used as weapons by China,Rockets have interested scientist and alchemist for hundreds of years. The first known liquid fueled rocket was made by Robert H. Goddard in 1926 German engineers soon made another liquid fueled rocket in 1932. It was called Reichswehr or "National Defense". Better known as the V-2 Rocket.
Originally made to bypass the Versailles Treaty. The Race to Higher Ground
By:Anthony Reno
Brandon Purdey
And Damen Edgar Breaking the Atmosphere In 1942 Wernher Von Braun the first rocket to enter space.
It was called Vergeltungswaffe 2 or "Vengence Weapon 2". After the "VW2", the U.S.S.R launched the first unmanned
sattelite, Sputnik, in fall of 1957. The Space Program in the 1960's The Great Space Race From Fall 1957 to
1969 with the Lunar landing The Moon Landing Apollo 11 landed successfully under the
presidency of Richard Nixon in 1969. Even
though J.F.K originally started the goal. The Modern Day Space Race Todays space programs
Mainly consist of landing
a man on Mars and adding more
and more to the International
Spacestation. fff
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