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CV English

Lara Borm

Lara Borm

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of CV English

Hotel- and Event
Communication- International
Events, Music and
Entertainment Studies
Fontys Hogescholen
Transition to:
Employee Sales
& Marketing
Research Internship at Cultural
Development Trust Johannesburg,
I've studied the current (at the time) music market in South Africa to create communication plans for two South African artists. The study that focused on the visibility of the music market gave a good insight on how artists should communicate and present themselves in their markets.
Internship at Mundial
Productions Tilburg, Netherlands
I studied the previously used printed media of the Mundial festival. After my research I presented my conclusions and recommendations for the improvement of the printed media during all stages of the festival.
Work experience:
During my studies I have learned to translate my creative thinking into creative output and how to use the creative strengths and weaknesses I have to my advantage.
During my internship abroad in Johannesburg, I've noticed that I like being independent. In Johannesburg I was forced to lean on other people for help and support which is against my nature.
Because of my great sense of responsibility I often feel responsible for issues and am very driven to search for solutions on my own.
- Project manager of several communication/marketing projects
- Social media
- Internal communication expressions writing and implementing
- Stress resistent

- Creative

- Responsable

- Independent

- Managing

- Planning

- Accurate
In my work at Pondres & LiveWall I have learned to lead different groups and guide them. At both offices I supervised the interns and led them to create a meaningful project.
Personally, I like to work very methodically and create a clear overview and structure for myself. This is something I have always done for myself but what has also helped me in my work as a floor manager and in my job for LiveWall with for example creating time-tables.
- Music
- Films
- Sports
- Photography
- Nutrition
- Netherlands: Native
- English: Fluent
- French: Graduated french 1,2
- Spanish: Learning
Microsoft products:
Word, Excel, Powerpoint
* Very good.
Adobe products:
Reader, photoshop
* Reasonable
DJ Laraw: Mainly dubstep DJ.
Locations: Studio & 013
Projectmanager, office manager &
Online Marketeer
- Project manager
- Communication expressions writing and implementing
- Drawing up plans to standardize and structure business lines and a company profile and implementing these.
- Supervisor of interns
- Account Manager
At LiveWall I have learned to work accurately and to deal with planning of projects. Also with checking if the projects were complete and finished before handing over to the customer.
Online Strategist at Google Adwords/Teleperformance
- Account manager
- SEA Specialist
- Online Strategist
Google Adwords:
Online Strategist
Here, a Nokia Company
Project employee
Employee Sales & Marketing
Projectmanager, office manager &
Online Marketeer
Here, a Nokia Company
Project employee
- Internal communications
- Organizational mapping
- Organizational presentation
Reference on request
Reference on request
Google certified
Horeca employee.
During my studies I've always worked at different Restaurants & Bars in Tilburg city.
During 6 months travelled trough several countries in South East Asia.
Young ambitious communication/marketing specialist. With a few years of work(life) experience and the new founded study CO-IEMES (Communication -International Events, Music & Entertainment Studies) I have a fresh outlook on the way the world is communicating today and I know how to combine my creativity in my work.
Name: Lara Borm
Address: Nieuwe Bosscheweg 39
Home town: Tilburg, the Netherlands
Phone number: +31647123861
E-mail: laraborm@gmail.com
Date of birth: 27-01-1989
Nationality: Dutch
In possession of
driver's license B.
Secondary school
St. Odulphus
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