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College Expenses

No description

Leah Telesz

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of College Expenses

College Expenses
Jessica Page
Room and Board
Science books have higher prices than others for college
Per semester, some people pay over $500 on books
The more credits, the more books!
1.) Ordering books online

2.) Order used books

3.) Rent out text books
Education costs over tens of thousands of dollars
Gannon students pay about $40,ooo
Missing a class costs about $77
Skipping or missing a lab is about $130
1.) Academic Scholarships

2.) Athletic Scholarships

3.) Outside Scholarships
Certian specialties should be provided
convenient store
small gym
Prices vary for each hall

1.) Every year, each dormatory gets a certian amount of money to spend on the dorm.

2.) Certian luxuries should be provided for each dorm, Then the prices will be appropriate.
Room &

& Board

College students are forced to pay for meal plans that are unessecary.
Freshman are forced to buy 227 meals or 277 meals
Meals do not transfer to the following semester
Other schools have more options.
The quality of the food is not appropriate for how much we pay.
Costs about $10 per meal
1.) Be able to use more than 3 swips per week days and more than two on the weekends.

2.) The quality of food needs to be better if we are paying so much.
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