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No description

Diana Poleac

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of ROMANIA

3. It's cheap
Touristical Hotspots
Do you know anything about Romania?
Social Problems & Challenges

Stray dogs
Con artists and scams
1. It's relatively easy to get there.
Romania encompasses all major relief forms.
Vama Veche
Fire juggling
Typical sunrise in Vama Veche
Săpânța - "
The Merry Cemetery"
Why should you travel to Romania
Sibiu - European Capital of Culture
The Rock Statue of Decebalus
Short trip into our history...
Roman Dacia
Romanian Revolution (1989)
2. It's beautiful and
not too crowded yet.
While it's nice to visit,
living in Romania is not a piece of cake.
Stray dogs in Bucharest
Con artists & Scams
What defines us as Romanians?
We fight for what we believe in.
We keep our sense of humor.
We killed our dictator.
The Romanian president with Roma people
We have a scary mythology.
Things to say to a Romanian girl
Ești frumoasă
= You are beautiful

Îmi dai numărul tău?
= Can I have your phone number?

Ieșim la o cafea?
= Wanna go out with me?

Cum te cheamă pe Facebook?
= What is your Facebook name?

(Scuze, am prieten
= Sorry, I have a boyfriend)

The Evil Fairies (iele)
Troubled Souls (strigoi)
Vlad the Impaler -
The night of the
troubled souls

30th November
Andrew the Apostle
Romanians we are proud of
1. Mircea Eliade (1907-1986)

2. Henri Coandă (1886-1972)
3. Constantin Brâncuși (1876-1957)
Traditional Dishes
main dish

*Romanians don't talk about their wine, they drink it!
Thank you for your attention
Podoleanu Silvia
Poleac Diana
Popa Alexandra
Șerban Maria
Vătămanu Mihaela
...and see you in Romania!
= 3 euro
= less than
3 euro
= 2 euro
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