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maddy & zoe's oral

No description

maddy mackey

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of maddy & zoe's oral

1. Zoe and Maddy's Oral Presentaion. 2. What make's maddy's home special? 3. What make's Zoe's home special? 4. We call Australia home. 5. something about darryl kerrigan? 6. Money can by you a house but it can't buy you a home. FOR ZOE: well i remember like the first four headings, but all the other ones that are in like normal ritting i cant really remeber the headings for them and also i think we had about 8 numbers so i dont no what the other two are? ohhh god what a catastraphie! haha oh well we'll talk at school but im gonna put some photos on now, and also i really think we need to talk about how we're gonna set it out because like on the demo one all of the little sections were inside the main heading so some how i think we should do that :) and also i changed our backround just to see what it looked like but you can change it back if you want :)
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