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Fitness Testing in Public Services

No description

Melanie Black

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Fitness Testing in Public Services

Army basic requirements




Basic Fitness Requirements
Pre- Joining Fitness test
Two runs of 1.5 miles (2.4 km) each with the treadmill set at a 2% incline. To pass you will need to do the first run in under 12 minutes 30 seconds.

Then complete the second 2.4km run immediately afterward in less than 10 minutes – regardless of your age.
Fitness is important!

Start working on it to make it easier for you in the long run

It is not optional, if you do not meet the standards you will not get in.

No difference between men and women

Tested yearly and can be dismissed if do not pass

Bleep test 5.4

Push 34kg and pull 35kg

Fitness Testing in Public Services
Thank you!
Why is this important?
Beep test

Level 10.2

Level 8.1

50 in two minutes

50 in two minutes


44 in two minutes

21 in two minutes

Potential Royal Marines Fitness Course
This is a three-day course held at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, Devon. The PRMC includes a three-mile run, a gym test,
an assault course, an endurance course, a swimming test, a night out under canvas, an interview and lectures.

You will need to pass this course before you can join the Royal Marines
1.Ladder Climb
2.Casualty Evacuation
3.Ladder Lift /
Lower Simulation
4.Enclosed Spaces
5.Equipment Assembly
6.Equipment Carry

Candidates in full PPE will be required to drag a 55kg casualty walking backwards
Candidates must ascend a fully extended 13.5 metre ladder to approximately second storey height and demonstrate a ‘leg lock’.
Candidates in full PPE will be required to raise a bar 75 cm off the ground to a height of 182cm and back down to the 75 cm support. The weight of the bar at the lifting point will start at 5kg. The maximum load to be added is 15kg.
In full PPE and wearing a Breathing Apparatus Face mask, candidates will be required to negotiate a measured crawl way within a set time
•Drag a hose reel from an appliance for 25 metres, then jog back 25 metres.
•Pick up and carry 2 coiled 70 mm hoses for 100 metres.
•Carry 1 coiled 70 mm hose at chest height for 25 metres, and then jog back 75 metres.
•Pick up and carry a 2.4 metre suction hose and basket strainer for 100 metres, then jog back 100 metres.
•Pick up and carry a simulated ‘Light Portable Pump’ for 100 metres (weighing approximately 30kgs).



15 - 24
11 mins 13 secs
13 mins 15 secs
25 - 29
11 mins 38 secs
13 mins 50 secs
30 - 34
12 mins 08 secs
14 mins 28 secs

35 - 39
12 mins 34 secs
15 mins 09 secs
2.4km run on a treadmill
In conclusion
Officer Entry

Beep test



50 in 2 minutes
44 in
2 mins
21 in
2 mins
If you don't meet the standard first time around, you can take the test again up to a maximum of three times
This is a test of manual dexterity. Candidates will be required to assemble and disassemble an item of equipment and follow the colour coded diagrams provided.
Why do you think this is included on the test?
Once a year, personnel will be tested whilst in the job
21% of applicants fail the initial tests
Prison officer
Multi Stage Fitness Test (Bleep Test) 5.4 (15 meter)

Grip test - 25kgf
Prison Service
Greater Manchester
These are not only an entry tests this is also an annual test for officers
Look at the sheet you have been given
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