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Town of Miami Lakes

No description

Hector Soliman-Valdez

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Town of Miami Lakes

Planning History
Master Planned Community
Unique Nautilus Design
One Hundred and One Parks within Town
Twenty Three Lakes
Mixed Use
Business and Residential Districts
2015-2025 Strategic Plan
Improvement of mobility is #1 priority
Creation of complete streets specifically included in Strategic Plan
Transportation Summit
Full day summit that provided a plan to move forward
FDOT, MDX, Public Works, Schools, SFCS
Resolution 15-1330
Connectivity Improvements (all with superior bike/ped facilities)
59th Avenue extension
Two additional ways across the Palmetto expressway (north & south of 154th)
Queue jumps for transit
8-10 foot sidewalks, and require construction by developer upon development/redevelopment
Redevelopment initiatives – in order to create additional walkable hubs
151/153 area
Miami Lakes Dr west of Palmetto
Additional pedestrian crossings of 67th Avenue in Town Center to better integrate east and west side of Town Center
Town Center Zoning District
Transportation Demand Management
Reduce dependence on single occupancy vehicles
Reduce peak hour congestion
Offer mobility choices through provision of multimodal infrastructure
Takes into account county wide issues and how Miami Lakes fits into the greater equation
Will provide a network of Off-Road shared use paths, and on road use paths
Is designed to be used for both recreational and commuting purposes
Segments being completed yearly
Town Circulator
Connects to all major locations; schools, shopping, employment and residential.
Increasing ridership
Designed to be an alternative mode of transportation
GPS tracking / call/text location feature
Marketing Plan
Next Steps
Prepare for Upcoming Development
Construction of homes in western part of town
American Dream Miami Mall
Mobility Fee (expected final adoption April 2016)
Repeal traffic concurrency and replace with simple mobility fee that will fund multi-modal infrastructure improvements (transit, bike, ped, in addition to roads)
Town of Miami Lakes
Complete Streets Initiatives
Created new zoning district to facilitate continued development of Town Center into a walkable, mixed use downtown
Improved Urban Design Standards
Street Hierarchy
Parking Behind Buildings
Incentives for creation of aggregated open space
Encourage on-street parking and count toward parking requirement
Incentivize vertical mixed use and active ground floor uses.
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