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CM 380 98

Persuasion Lectures

Patrice Oppliger

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of CM 380 98

Persuasion Communication Models Shannon and Weaver Model Berlo's Model Communication Models Sender/Source
Channel Sender/Source Message Effects Evidence vs. Vividness Association Principle ("magic of association") Repetition Scarcity Receiver-based Theories Cognitive Dissonance
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Social Judgment Theory Cognitive Dissonance Elaboration Likelihood Model Social Judgment Theory Distraction Inoculation Theory When an individual holds two inconsistent cognitions
= that individual experiences discomfort
motivated to reduce discomfort
modifying: behavior or attitudes
rationalization Expenditure of Effort The extent to which an individual engages in message-relevant thinking. Ways to elaborate:
Central route: strength of argument
Peripheral route: heuristics or scripts Motivation to elaborate:
involvement level (high = central, low = peripheral)
need for cognition
Ability to elaborate: trait or state Additional keys to ELM:
match message to processing
persistence of persuasion Aristotle:
Logos: logic
Pathos: emotion
Ethos: source charisma How individuals compare a message (i.e., position) to their beliefs/attitudes/values (i.e., anchor) Source's positions fall within a receiver's:
Latitude of acceptance
Latitude of rejection Judgment Distortions
Contrast Sleeper Effect:
Overtime, the source gets separated from the message. Lat of Accept Noncom Lat of Reject
0-$9,000 $9,001-$9,999 $10,000 Car dealership: attempt to maximize position (price) while appealing to the buyer's anchor Shannon and Weaver
Berlo's Model Scott Brown: pickup and barn jacket
Hillary Clinton: shots John Kerry: windsurfing
Michael Dukakis: in a tank Cover Ads Sam Adams vs. Bud Physical Attractiveness Videos:
Tony Robbins
Super Blue Stuff Video: SNL no scientific evidence Video: scarcity Leptoprin
followup: Leptopril Video: repetition
Daily Show talking points VHS: inoculation
Palin pre-debate Distraction: Miller & Levine:
Behaviors Persuasion Theory Breakdown: Similar Other: Source disasters Credibility: expertise
goodwill Credibility
Social Attractiveness Physical Attractiveness pros: association, attention
cons: short-lived, jealousy Similarity Based on: Attitudes, Morality, Background, Appearance Similarity vs. Expertise Social Attractiveness: likability
physical attractiveness Colbert Report: 2:21
http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/423268/january-28-2013/the-word---the-new-abnormal Mere Exposure/Accessibility Distraction from thinking up counterarguments Climate Change change Video: Stacker Patriotism Video: Friends - Pottery Barn Ways to reduce dissonance: Create dissonance then reduce dissonance Effectiveness of Boot Camp, Hazing, etc. 3:30 Discussion of Gun Control Debate Video: 2000 VP debate
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