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Note Taking - The Cornell Way

No description

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Note Taking - The Cornell Way

Did you know...
Did you know...
Cornell Notes
Cornell note taking stimulates critical thinking skills.
Note taking helps students remember what is said in class.
A good set of notes can help students work on assignments and prepare for tests outside of the classroom.

Note Taking - The Cornell Way
Theology I
Don’t take notes = Forget 60% in 14 days
Take some notes = Remember 60%
Take organized notes and do something with them=Remember 90-100% indefinitely!
What does this mean for you as new high-school students?

Good notes allow students to
problem solve
organize and process data and information.
Helps student recall by getting them to process their notes 3 times.
Always review your notes 1-2 days after taking them.

When to take notes....
You need to recall information about what happened to you in a class, meeting, or activity--which means always!

Use Symbols:
At = @
Jesus = JC
Change =
Holy Spirit = HS
Covenant = Cov
You can also list questions here!
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