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chemistry isu

three comparisons

Nangyali Sultani

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of chemistry isu

ISU The three comparisons that i have chosen for my final chemistry ISU are. how many mol of paper would weight the same as Rhinoceros. How many Paper would cover they surface of the earth.
How many sheets of paper does it take to cover the surface area of the earth surface area of earth is 510,072,000 sq km surface area of paper
=93.5 inches 93.5x2.54x10^-5
=0.0023749 km Convert inches to km Solution
how many mols of paper is equivalent to a wiegth of Rhinoceros Paper mass:4.77x6.02x10^23
=2.87x10^24 g/mol Rhinoceros Mass: 1,760 pounds 1,760x453.59237
=798,322.5712 g convert pounds to grams Mass of Rhinoceros divided by mass of paper 2.87x10^24/798,322.5712
=3.59x10^18 mole By: Sohil.Nangyali.Sultani
To: Ms.Provost
Date:Apr 27,2011
:) How many mols of paper does it tak to travel from earth to the moon and back the moon average distance from
the earth is 384,403 km hieght opf paper
Convert inches to km 11x2.54x10^-5
=1.68x10^20 km 1.68x10^20/384403
=4.37x10^14 4.37x10614/2
=2.185x10^14 2.185x10^14 mol of paper you will need to travel from earth to the moon and back. 2.147762011x10^11 mole of papers woul cover the surface of the earth. 3.59x10^18 mole of papers would weight the same as Rhinoceros.
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