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Carrer shadowing

No description

Hannah Tidwell

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Carrer shadowing

~Career Shadowing~ Pictures! ~Polk county building administrations~
By: Hannah Tidwell ~Purpose~ The purpose of this company is to give permits and license to people for building or repairing things. Where will this company be in 15 years? This company will be in the same position.
With the way the things are
and the purpose of
it, it can not progress unless they
just grow financaly.
This company can't really expand because it is controlled by the state.
Employability Skills Be on time.
Costumer Friendly.
No cell phones.
(only for buisness reasons)
You are allowed to have food.
You have to stay on task.

Salary! This job pays about $29,700 Anually. And 12.00 hourly. Education Required To have a job here you have to have a highschool deploma or equal (G.E.D) Mentor: Megan Riddle. Mentors job: To assign and create permits for people to bulid or repair things on property. ~Technology~ In this job the use all kinds of technology.
They use computers, phones, faxes, and printers.
Computers are used to look up information, to make the actual permits and license', and for communication with costumers and co-workers.
Phones are also to communicate.
Faxes are used alot in this job for people who can not actually be in there office so they do use alot of faxing between people.
Printing is for actually printing the permits and license'. ~Skills needed for this job~ Really good people skills,
phone etiquette, computer skills, you have to know how to use techonolgy. ~Would I do this job?~ I might take this job into consideration.
I like this job because you get to talk to all kinds of people
and it's really interesting. I do not like this job because when your
talking to certain people and if you do not have an answer or if you
do not have the answer they want they can get mad and be rude.
A lot of people you talk to in this job do not like to be told that you have to pay for a permit.
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