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Frederick Douglass: free slave

No description

Sidharth Paparaju

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Frederick Douglass: free slave

Frederick Douglass: free slave
The death of Frederic's mother
Frederic Douglass was born in 1817-1818. His master was Captain Anthony.This meant he could not go anywhere. Because he was a slave, he could not stay with his mother. Because of this, he did not have a bond with his mother. His mother would sometimes walk 12 miles to meet Douglass. Douglass only met his mother 4-5 times. When his mother died, Frederic could not see her. Frederic was later sent to Colonel Lloyd's plantation. When Frederick's mother died, it became a important event in his life because it showed what would happen to slaves. They would be taken away from their families so they would not have a bond. Because Frederic didn't have a bond with his mother, he didn't care when his mother died.
Knowledge is power
Back to the Aulds
Frederick Douglass succeed in reading and writing. After Frederic left his masters, he ended up with his old master, Colonel Lloyd till he was 10-11. He then was sent to both of Captain Andrews children. Then, he left them and returned to Thomas Auld and Sophia. He returned in 1832. He had been away for so long that the Aulds and Frederic barely knew each other. Thomas Auld had other slaves too. All the slaves there got a bushel of corn to share. There Frederick found a good side and bad side. Mr. Auld was converted into a religious man. All slaves thought he would be a kind man, but he wasn't. Th good part was that he would often call friends. All of Master Auld's friends would give Frederic food and money. This was an important part of his life because he learned that whatever you expect to happen will not always happen. Frederic and the slaves expected Master Auld to act nice. But it never happened.
The one and only Covey
Frederic Douglass started to stand up for his rights. Mr. Auld didn't want such a slave and decided to give Frederick to Mr. Covey. Mr. Covey had quite a reputation. He would rent slaves and use them until they were obedient. Frederick was sent to Mr. Covey on the 1st of January, 1833. When Frederic started working at Mr. Covey's he got a severe whip. This was Mr. Covey. A man who would whip the life out of one. Mr. Covey would give food but no time to eat it. Frederick would sometimes go to the Chesapeake Bay and wish he was free. Being a slave was harder than it looked. This was his life for a year. This was an important event in his life because, it showed that slave owners would do anything to make their slaves obedient.
There is no thing as a lucky charm!
Frederick was fed up with Mr. Covey and continued to stand up for his rights. He ran away to Master Auld and told that Covey would kill him. Auld said there was no harm and made Frederic go back. When he went back to Covey's plantation, Covey had a cow skin ready for whipping. Frederic was lucky and found a man named Sandy. Sandy was a free man. Sandy gave Frederick a lucky root. It was said that if the root was carried from the right side, you would never get whipped in your life. Frederick took it even though he didn't believe him. When Frederick returned, Covey was raged. Covey tried to whip Frederick, but Frederick fought back and won. From then on, Frederic was never whipped. He was in fights with Mr. Covey, but never got whipped. That was how how he spent the days with Covey. I think this event was important because it showed that is you stand up for what is right, believe in it and fight for it, you will win.
The Escape
Frederick Left Covey on 1834. He was then sent to Mr. Freeland. Though he was not rich, he was a well educated man. This was a perfect place for Frederick to teach slaves. Frederick was trying to teach other slaves and made his own Sabbath School. He and the other slaves would practice writing and reading. At the Sabbath School, Frederick and his friends became attached.Here, Frederick and his fellow slaves were determined to escape. They started thinking about every possible outcome and made a promise that they would stick together. Frederick made fake permission slips. When they were about to escape, Sandy had betrayed them. Frederick and his friends were put in jail. This event was important because it shows that not every one is trust worthy.
The Rescue
Frederick lost all hope when Master Auld walked in. Master Auld saved Frederick and brought him back home. There, Frederick worked and helped another man with his boats. He would give all his earnings to Master Thomas. Sometimes Thomas Auld would give Frederick $0.60 out of $9.00 to Frederick. Frederick Was furious. One day, he got into a fight with some white men and was terribly injured. Master Auld could do nothing about it. Frederick later got enough money and started plotting his escape. It was unknown who helped him, but soon he was in the Northern Part of the United States. He was free at last! This was an important event because, it showed how slaves sometimes got help and accomplished their goals.
BY Sidharth Paparaju
When Frederic was eight or nine, he left Colonel Lloyd and was sent to live with Hugh Auld and his wife Sophia, in Baltimore. This was the first time a white person a was kind to him. Sophia made him read and write. Here, Frederic learned how to read and write and was adapting to city life. Master Hugh was angry with Sophia and had forbidden Sophia to teach Frederick. Sadly, Sophia lost her kind heart, and Frederick lost his old master, Thomas Auld. Later, Captain Anthony died. Because of this, all of Captain Anthony's property was split up with his two children. Frederic was Captain Anthony's property. Not being able to read and right, Frederic was losing his knowledge and was forced to learn from other white boys. This event was important because, it showed that slaveholders didn't want their slaves to read, as they thought slaves will become powerful with knowledge and they will think of ways to escape slavery.
Influence Frederick did on others
Frederick Douglass showed all slaves that there is hope. Frederick tried to escape and never stopped. Many slaves followed him. "Does the righteous God govern the Universe? and for what does he hold the thunders in his right hand, if not smite the oppressor, and deliver the spoiled out of hand of the spoiler?" said Frederick. He would teach slaves and help them escape. He showed that with enough effort, one can succeed. Many people were inspired by his actions such as Martin Luther King jr.

Reflection on learning
Reading narratives like Frederick Douglass is important because, reading about other peoples life helps you with your life. Reading a wide variety of books and literature will help you to be more
broad minded in thinking and behavior and makes you more learned and wise person. I learned that in this narrative that slaves have a much harder life than expected. It saddened me how slave holders treated their slaves.

Life in New York
Douglass became a well know abolitionist. He had married and had a life in New York. He wrote a newspaper, The North Star. It was about abolishing slavery. Here Frederick made new friends and joined the Civil War. Frederick Douglass died on February 20, 1895 at his home. He died of a heart attack. This event is important because, it showed how he continued his fight to stop slavery after he was free until his last breath.
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