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James Pearson 2014

No description

Hayley Blaauw

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of James Pearson 2014

Stump Speech

Ronald Reagan once said that “the greatest leader is not ... the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”
My name is James Pearson, and I believe in the American people. Yet I also believe the Obama administration has failed the American people.
That can change in 2014. If I am elected, I will reform the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to end complex regulations like the medical device tax. I will also give states greater flexibility in tailoring federal programs to meet their needs. This approach has already been successful in Rhode Island, which received a Medicaid waiver in 2008 that allowed the state to contain costs and improve patient care.
On the economy, I’ll eliminate tax loopholes, like the domestic manufacturing tax break, that cost us billions of dollars each year. This and other revenue gains will offset the impact of cutting the massive corporate tax rates that drive businesses away from the U.S. and hurt the job market. I will also emphasize infrastructure investment to create jobs and spur economic growth.
Finally, I will support emerging democracies in the Middle East through assisting rebels in Syria and taking more aggressive steps to combat the terrorist group ISIS. I will also work to strengthen economic sanctions against Iran to better protects our interests at home and abroad.
To put it simply, I want to make the American community a better place to live for you and for my three children. That’s why I want to be your President. I hope you want the same.
Thank you, and God bless the United States of America.

US foreign policy debate tougher after Senate shift
America's Last Best Hope for Defeating the Islamic State Is… Iran?
Riding the wave: How the Republican Congress can create jobs, fix Obamacare

Most Definitely and Most Likely
I want to Improve Jobs and Foreign Policy
Texas North Carolina
Tennessee Kentucky
Idaho Arizona
Alabama Arkansas
Kansas Georgia
Mississippi West Virginia
Alaska Nevada
Oklahoma Missouri
South Carolina Louisiana
North Dakota
South Dakota
James Pearson
Served a term in Navy to pay for education, became lawyer, became real estate broker after housing crisis
Home State:
Battle Creek, Michigan
Political/Religious Views:
Moderate Republican, Lutheran
Attended U.S. Naval Academy, graduated with a degree in Economics; after serving a term in the Navy, received J.D. from Northwestern; obtained real estate broker license

I approve of Healthcare Reform
James Pearson 2014
Wants to reform but not repeal Obamacare
Socially liberal (but no government intervention - let the states decide)
Wants to increase sanctions on Iran, supports working with Middle Eastern allies to train and support their troops in stopping ISIS
Supports economic freedom in Middle East
Supports corporate tax reform in the U.S. (including eliminating loopholes and lowering corporate tax rates accordingly)
Supports investing in infrastructure to create jobs and spur economic growth

James Pearson's Family
America's Family Man:
Family: Married high school sweetheart Elizabeth, a cancer-ward nurse turned stay at home mom, in 2004. They have 3 kids, Lily, age 7; Noah, age 5; Sophia, age 3.
Totally not gonna happen.
New Mexico
Rhode Island
New Jersey

Definitely gonna fight for it.
Florida- Base voters will be motivated by tax reform, as Florida prefers lower taxes (for instance, it has no personal income tax). Healthcare reform will appeal to swing voters in the state, which has a large uninsured population.
New Hampshire- Pearson’s emphasis on limited government and states' rights will appeal to voters, as the state is historically more libertarian. Swing voters who enjoy the state's lower tax rates will also support our plan for tax reform.
Iowa- Healthcare reform will motivate the base, and infrastructure development will appeal to rural voters who will see an opportunity for job creation and economic growth.
Virginia- Healthcare reform will motivate the base. Tax cuts and increased flexibility for state and local governments will draw in swing voters, as Virginia's recent economic growth has been slow.
New York- Tax reform and corporate tax cuts will draw in urban and pro-business voters in areas like NYC, and infrastructure investment will appeal to voters in cold-weather or rural areas.
Michigan- Healthcare reform will motivate the base, while infrastructure investment will attract swing voters. Michigan voters may also prefer our candidate because he is from Michigan.
Ohio- Infrastructure investment and tax reform will motivate voters who want economic growth in areas like Columbus and Cincinnati, while healthcare reform will appeal to voters whose insurance rates have gone up.
Colorado- Pearson's focus on limited government and state flexibility will appeal to Colorado voters, as shown by the state's legalization of marijuana despite federal laws. Voters will also support Pearson's socially liberal views.
What now for taxes after Republican sweep?
Crazy corporate tax loopholes? ‘Inversions’ are small potatoes
From olive branch to big stick

Midterm Election Results:
Past Presidential Elections:

Brought to you by: Catherine Stimson, Ally Zlaket, Melanie Flores, Hayley Blaauw, Brooke Schneider
State Map
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