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Does music affect memory?

No description

Sandra Martinková

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Does music affect memory?

Does music affect memory?
We believe that Students under the classical music condition will remember the most words, whereas students under pop music condition will have the lowest score.
* Field experiment
Extraneous variables
Recruiting volunteers
*all boarding schools
Pilot Study
* Opportunity sampling
* Repeated measures:
- No music
- Classical music
- Pop music
* 7 minutes for learing
* 3 lists of 25 native language words
Why boarders & boarders rooms?

Student's memory
*recruiting through teachers & posters
*reward for participation
* 5th year student
* Checking time management
* Checking Level of stress for participants
* Checking the word lists
Rules for participants !
Why repeated measures design?
Did you have enough time?
Did you feel under pressure?
How are you feeling?
What do you think about the choice of words?
How do you think you did?
* Participant gives you more data
* Natural environment
* Comparing scores: individuals & groups
- Order effect
- Different sets of words
Our hypothesis was not confirmed in pilot study
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