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Verbs of perception + present participle.Could/ Can.

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Euri Ge.

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Verbs of perception + present participle.Could/ Can.

Thanks :) Verbs of perception + present participle. can/could+ verb of perception. Examples: Could/ Can: Verbs of perception + present participle. We use the present participle after see,watch,
notice, hear, listen to, smell and feel to talk about
a continuous activity: -People see Elvis walking out of a café.
-They hear him singing.
-I saw him bitting his nails. We often use can/could before see, hear, smell, taste and feel: -I can feel him holding my hand.
-I could hear birds singing. Can & Could
What's the difference between can & could. The difference is that could is the verb in past to can.
Can is the action but Could is a probability, suggestion but is known as ability. Advanced A.

Teacher: Juan Jose Ávila.

Team: Euri Ortega, Paola Puente, Edson Orozco, Frida Vazquez & Julio Del Angel.
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