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Britain's Scramble for Uganda

No description

Natasha Hughes

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Britain's Scramble for Uganda

Why the Nile River?
• Major body of water in Africa.
• Political power.
• British didn't want others to take.
• Lake Victoria is near Uganda.
• Egypt depended on the Nile - cotton farming.
• Economic stability depended on it.
Imperialism in Uganda
• Christianity - King Mutesa and missionaries
• Split between Northern and Southern Uganda.
• Southern - had education
• Northern - military forces
Legacy of Imperialism
• Four fifths of the population are Christian.
• English is an official language.
• Division between the North and the South.
• British split into two parts, north and south. No rebellions could occur.
• North were used for police and military.
• South had political, economical, and educational benefits.
• Hatred, still exists today.
• 1986, northern rebel movement against the southern.

Christianity + Language
• Loss of culture from the past
• Christian missionaries were hugely successful in Uganda.
• English and Swahili
• Very little of the population actually speaks English, just influence from the British.
Interest in Uganda
• British wanted for Nile River/Lake Victoria.
• German East Africa Company.
• Signed a treaty — British panicked.
• British offered Germans Heligoland for Uganda and Zanzibar.
• Profits were low, built a railroad in 1903.
• Prosperity.
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Natasha Hughes
Britain's Scramble for Uganda
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