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Emerging Technology

No description

Blake Nicholson

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Emerging Technology

The One in Question
An emerging technology is a field of technology that explores new territory in some significant way, with new technological developments.
The One in Question cont'd.
That being said, a vast amount of people use "emerging technology". This technology is that of the new present and future. Any one can create such a thing if they have passion and knowledge in their field.
Screen-less Displays
A screen-less display conveys visual information without the use of a video source. There are three groups of this technology: Visual Image, Retinal Display, and Synaptic Interface.

This technology provides a large enjoyable viewing and interactive experience without straining your eyes to focus on something unnaturally small.
An interesting video:
Visual Image: This simply is a display the physical eye can see. There are many uses for such a thing e.g. Hologram and heads-up displays.

Retinal Display: This arguably is more complicated than the previous. This technology projects images directly onto the human retina. This makes extreme privacy available.

Synaptic Interface: This is the only one of the three that doesn't use light at all but instead transfers information directly to the brain. This is presently the least investigated of the three technologies.
This technologies necessity creates it's need. Screen-less display technology is portable, convenient and futuristic. These attributes guide it's path in the creative minds of those who wish an idea become reality.

Humans need very little but want a vast amount more and it's this want that pushes forwards seeking the future and that future involves screen-less displays.
It's usually a projection from hardware onto a surface such as glass or metal or plastic. For example the United States use holographic projections in their aircraft's which provides the pilots with valuable and uncluttered information.

However, the goal is to use air itself so we would have complete freedom of location and material.
Emerging Technology
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