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the Isms of Art

No description

Garry Foster

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of the Isms of Art

The topic of Urbanism has been present for the better part of at least eight decades, being represented by either the architecture, culture, people, industry or art produced in these areas. This topic has alot of relevance to me since my life has been spent amongst the urban areas and has prompted certain reactions to the subject.
Technically discovered by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh
The next invovation from Impressionism
Was widely considered to be anti establishment and free reigning
Van Gogh himself was very lonesome and considered insane by his neighbors and peers
He re-invigorated the value of colour and brushmark.
The Starry Night
A landscape that took considerable skill and experimental thought.
The first appearance of Vincent's 'rolling starlight' concept.
This phenomenon was caused by Van Gogh's epilepsy.
First views of the work crowned it a innovative triumph and a thing of beauty.
Van Gogh died a 37 and didnt live to see his legacy realized.
The German Expressionists were a 20th century art movement.
A realization of Van Gogh's discovery.
Was founded for the purpose of challenging the autocratic bourgeois art circles of Europe.
The movement focused on the masses (the majority of expressionists weren't or couldn't be formally trained)
The movement focused on expression of emotion and thought and didnt take resemblance into consideration.
German Expressionism focused more on meloncholic emotions.
German Expressionism
Modern Expressionists
Have taken more inspiration from the German Expressionists and Dada Movements appose to the original works of earlier Expressionists.
Abandoned the concept of resemblance and went for more surreal and/or abstract forms.
Many examples of Modern Expressionism shows resemblances to other movements such as Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism and Abstract art.
Although there are some who still follow the hede of the orginal expressionists such as Edvard Munch.
There are many movements within Modern
Art that have tackled the subject of the ever expanding Urban Culture. None more poetic then a infamous movement that was founded in the nation of Italy during the mid 20th century, a group of artists that were so utterly forward thinking that they wanted to eradicate all aspects of italian history.
Futurism has been widely discussed and debated over for years, usually with several view points to consider:
Was founded as a means of progression and evolution of art. Usually taking a very violent approach to the issue.
Associated with the Italian facists led by Mussolini, many people shun the movement for this affiliation.
Most have argued that the movement simply copied the work of the Cubists and mildly altered the style to brand it as original.
Others have complimented on the artists techinique of interpreting movement and motion.
The way in which they shatter the city scapes and aspects of machinery.
Brutalism is a specific style of architecture that was founded just after the second world war and became popular in the 1970's.
was a means of rebuilding after the blitz of main british cities.
adopted a new 'wonder material' never before utaliesed called Concrete.
is charecterised by the use of geometric shapes and simplistic/complex appearance.

Today however, people are on two minds about this architectural 'Revolution' and these oppinions are:-
Some believe the style is beautiful, intracute and marvelous
Others think that the style is ugly, to simplistic, bare and poorly executed.
These opinions come from the association with tower blocks and the 'Filthier Urban Landscape'. I myself agree with the second group that believe the architecture is ugly.
It can be agreed that the
majority of brutalist architecture
does make the landscape look
dismal and awful, which is why I
want to incorporate it into my
This style has an interesting way of reminding me of a style that is similar to the way these paintings have been conceived.
What does Urban mean to me?
I have lived in the urban environment all my life, what I have taken from this is:-
The over presents of delapitated brutalist architecture,
The unfortunate existance of poverty amoungst many of the inhabitants,
The growing rate of crime and disruptive behaviour
and the distrust amoungst all who live in the urban environment.
Dispite this, urban landscapes can be home to people who do not adhear to stereotypes and expectations of outsiders, although these people are rarely seen either out of fear or lost hope.
As you can see,
the Urban
Environment is
usually very run-
down, yet still
people are being
moved into these
Umberto Boccioni
Dynamism of a Racing Horse & House (unfinished)
Raymond Duchamp-Villon
Le Grande Cheval (Large Horse)
The of Futurism that specifically fascinates me is that of the sculptural side of the movement.
They had an avant-garde approach to sculpture
Fascinated the masses with they work
Pushed many boundaries in the Italian art society
Made many people question the integrity of sculpture

In my opinion the sculptural output of the Futurist artists is that of great enginuity and and considerable greative skill. I would like to attempt something of like this as one aspect of this project.
My approach to the
Urban Environment Project
First, I simply looked at Expressionism and saught to recreate the look and feel to recreate an Urban Landscape.
I then looked towards the Futurists for inspiration
I then stumbled apon an idea, inspired by a piece I did in ceramics.
I made several more geometric sculptures and then came up with a idea.
Geometric Sculptures featuring Futurist
and Expressionist imagery.
This wasn't challenging enough and I looked towards other areas
Though I could not interpret the emotional side to the project and saught out new ideas
I then looked into the subject
of Pollution within the urban
Ideas for this subject were scarce so I decided to abandon this topic and re-evaluate the work.
This reminded me of the futurists work and intrigued
me to further explore it.
I then thought to incorporate the two principle inspirations of futurism and expressionism.
The project is still on going and may take more interesting developments
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