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The Empire

No description

luis Miro

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of The Empire

A republic is a form of government where citizens elect representatives. We feel that a republic fits our society best because we are giving the people the power of being able to suggest laws and help make laws with the help of senators.
Our government is a republic.
Our Government is a republic. The People have most of the power in our society. We are a government that is fair and a government where all of our citizens are equal.
Our senators are elected every 10 years. We have 10 senators at a time. We elect a president every time one dies or retires. Our senators are important than our president.
Who makes the decisions?
How are the people's views taken into
account ?
How are people's views taken into
Citizens can suggest laws to senators as a petition. They may be accepted and later voted on by the senators on whether it shall become a law or not. This process usually takes about 3 months.
The senators make the decisions. In our society we have twenty senators and they are all fair and if we suspect them being either sexist or unfair they will not be a senator no more and other person will take their spot.
Who Holds The Power In Your Government?
Our senators are the most powerful people in our society. They take laws suggested by the senators and vote on whether or not they should become official laws. The president has no power. He just represents our nation.
Another society in the world that has our type of government is a Germany. Germany s a very advanced country that we are proud to have a great relationship with.
How does the government raise money?

Additional fact about our government
The background of our flag is gold which represents perfection. The star represents one united nation. The lightning bolts shows that we are a very strict nation.
Our government raises money by taxing our citizens. We tax 10% of the price of products to earn money for our government. We also print a lot of money. We usually save most of our money for important projects.
Our army is the most advanced army in the world. We buy our technology from countries like Germany, China, United States, and Japan and we make the technology better. We also trade with many countries such as Canada, France, Australia, and Russia.
Second fact about our government
Our money currency which are DELFS
Our money currency which are Delfs are equivalent to 10 dollars in each country. Our coins are named EOs. One EO is equivalent to 2 dollars. Five EOs is one Delf.
What is
What is one benefit of our government?
Our citizens elects senators for our government. The citizens elect so they could feel secure and happy on who their senators are. They also get to suggest laws to the senators.
A drawback of our society is that people are only allowed to suggest laws to senators, but they aren't allowed to vote on laws. Though there not many drawbacks, this is a major one.
How do leaders become leaders?
What is one drawback of our government?

The Empire
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