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The Platypus

Hi Everyone, I hope you learn something new about the platypus, This is a school project. I hope you enjoy! :)

Isabella B

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Platypus

The Platypus!
The Platypus eats mainly in the night
It eats: shrimps, swimming beetles, water bugs tadpoles and Snails (at times they eat worms!)
Life cycle!
The Mother Platypus lays her eggs and curls around them to keep them warm and dry. (Days later)
once the babies has hatch, the babies
spends several more months with their mother. They get food and milk from their mother ( Just like a mammal.)
Facts About the Platypus!
-The Platypus is a part of a group called Monotremes.
- It has a stinger that can kill a small dog.
-The platypus is a warm blooded animal.
- It lays eggs.
-The platypus closes its eyes, ears and nostrils under water!
-The Platypus is a very shy animal and keeps away from humans.
- It also has no teeth.
How have Humans affected the Platypus environment?
How have Humans affected the Platypus Environment.
Humans have affected the Platypus environment by polluting the water, littering, and setting fish lines and nets in their habitat. This has caused a lot of platypus deaths.
The Platypus Diet
The Platypus lives in freshwater lakes/river/creeks.
The platypus is found in Victoria, (e.g: Yarra River, Merri creek and Murray river.) Also they are found in Tasmanian Highlands and North New South Wales to the tropicals far north Queensland.
The Platypus Habitat!
Because of human development along the water ways, the Platypus
Environment is slowly disappearing.
There are less places for them to live.
The Eggs of the Platypus!
The mother Platypus has a very smart way of protecting its eggs and babies. It lays it eggs in a nest at the end of a tunnel above the water line. But access to the tunnel is below the water line.

Life Cycle
How does the Platypus get its food?
Most of the time the Platypus gets food from underwater. It's bill helps them find the food. They eat mostly of its own body wight everyday.
By Isabella B
Bibliography (websites).
http:/wiki.answers.com/platypus life cycle
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