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The Purple Magenta Sugar Cube Bunny on a Stick Eating Some Honey Riding a Magical Unicorn

No description

Tanner Nguyen

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of The Purple Magenta Sugar Cube Bunny on a Stick Eating Some Honey Riding a Magical Unicorn

THE ULTIMATE BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Symbiosis:
Competition: (when organisms fight for limited resources) The bunny and
the grasshopper have to compete
for grass.
Predation: The bunny is the
prey and the owl and the snake
are the predators.(predator/prey)
Mutualism: Two organisms of different species in a relationship in which both organisms benefit.(humming bird and a flower) The humming bird gets it food from flower and flower pollinates.
Commensalism : A relationship between organisms which one benefits and the other isn't affected. (A clown fish lives in anemones, clown fish gets a home anemones aren't effected)
Parasitism: A relationship between two organism in which one benefits and the other is harmed(a misquote and a human, misquote gets food human get bumps and itchy skin. The difference between a food web and a food chain is a food web shows some organisms getting eaten by one or more organism. A food chain shows only an organism getting eaten by one organism. Carbon Cycle: A consequence that would occur because of a disruption in the carbon cycle would be if more factories were built, then there would be more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nitrogen Cycle: A consequence that would occur because of a disruption in the Nitrogen Cycle would be if the bacteria disappeared, the plants would not be able to get nitrogen. Adaptations Comparison:
Elephant have big ears to use them for letting in air, making something like an air conditioning unit. (environment: dessert, the bunny also has big ears for the same reason)
Bait Fish are small and they are fast just like the bunny to be able to get away from predators. Bait Fish also have to breathe under water so they have gills but the bunny does not live under water so it does not need gills. Bacteria in our ecosystem:
bacteria aides our organism because without bacteria the grass wouldn't be able to use the nitrogen and the grass would die. Then the bunny would die becaus ethey wouldnt have food to eat. Bacteria in the Soil
Nitrogen Cycle: bacterias role in the nitrogen cycle is they give plants the nitrogen they need
Carbon Cycle: bacterias role in the carbon cycle is they break down dead organisms and they release the carbon THE END :) Biomass Pyramid Energy Pyramid Individual Pyramid Food Web
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