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Writing Bio Poems

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Charlotte Jones

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Writing Bio Poems

Writing Biographical Poems
What's the point?
The purpose of creating a bio poem is to help us interpret others or express ourselves in a creative and poetic way.

Bio poems can be used to convey certain details about one's self or can be used to analyze the different traits that make up a fictional character.
What is a bio poem?
A bio poem is a short, structured poem that uses concrete images and vivid details to create a portrait of a person or fictional character. Through the details included in a bio poem, one is able to catch a glimpse of the subject's life, aspirations and the different components that make up the subject's personality.
Class Objectives:
Today we are going to use the templates provided to write a bio poem about ourselves. We will reflect on some of our own personality traits including our likes, dreams, fears, abilities, and backgrounds to briefly communicate to our readers some specific details that make us who we are.

Loving, determined, creative, strong
Daughter of brown bag lunches and shotgun shells
Sister to hair braiding and make-up tips
Lover of expensive Starbucks coffee, Emerald Green nail polish, and confusing British novels
Who wonders if space aliens exist on other planets
And fears for the health of her loved ones
Who is able to bake a crispy-sweet apple pie to go with smooth vanilla ice cream
And sew the buttons back on any blouse or pocket
Who dreams of hosting fancy Thanksgiving dinners in a charming mountain cottage
And of one day becoming the coolest English teacher to ever walk the Earth
Who comes from highway ramps in 5:00 traffic
And from the Civil War battlefields in Manassas, Virginia
Who would like to explore foreign and distant lands
And feels that creativity has the power to change the world

Template #1
Fill in the boxes with as many details about yourself as you can think of using the headings as guides. Try to come up with several different things for each box! This allows you to pick and choose from several options when writing your bio poem later.
Choose a few of the ideas that you came up with in template #1 to compose an outline of your bio poem. Remember to use concrete images and include as many details as possible! These will become the lines of the poem in your final draft so make sure you are using complete sentences and paying attention to spelling and grammar.
Putting it all together
Now that you have a good sense of what you are going to include in your bio poem, re-organize your ideas to create a consistent piece that is a suitable representation of yourself.
Here is a model that you can follow if you get stuck...
(First name)
(Three or four adjectives that describe you)
Son/ daughter of… Brother/ sister of… (your parents’/ sibling’s names or details that remind you of them)
Lover of (three things that you love)
Who wonders (describe on thing you wonder about)
And fears (describe one thing you fear)
Who is able to (list two or three things you do well)
Who dreams (list two or three of your biggest dreams)
Who comes from (name your hometown or list details that remind you of your hometown or both)
Who would like to (name one thing that you would like to accomplish)
And feels that (describe something you feel very strongly about)
(Last name)

The first and last lines of your poem MUST be your first and last name
3rd person perspective should be used throughout the entire poem
Periods are not used at the end of sentences but using commas to separate ideas is okay
Fun, Kind, Athletic
Son of ties and slacks, Brother of N’sync and Backstreet Boys
Lover of exotic cars, the Dallas Cowboys, and rock music
Who wonders what the future holds for him
And fears scary insects
Who is able to write short stories and poems
Who dreams of being a race car driver and learning magic
Who comes from historic landmarks and Starbucks on every corner
Who would like to move to California after college
And feels that English is the best subject in school

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