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Partition of India

Human Geography Project

Molly Finnegan

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Partition of India

Partition of India By: Molly, Pamela and Marco What is the Partition of India? India was separated on August 14th and 15th in 1947 into the Dominion of Pakistan and the Union of India. India divided when it gained independence from the British

Unease between the Muslims and Hindus that lived in the country. India became independent in 1947. Maps of the Partition of India Before the Partition & Still under British Rule After Gaining Independence Site and Situation These maps are visualizing the change in India after the country gained independence in 1947. The conflict * India located in Continent of Asia.
* N of Indian Ocean, NW of Bay of Bengal, and NE of Arabian Sea.
* SE of Pakistan and Afghanistan and SW of China, Nepal, Tibet, and Myanmar. Ethnic Groups Involved in the Conflict Muslims Hindus India first divided into India and Pakistan. Then, Pakistan divided to include Bangladesh. Muslims and Hindus were involved in the Partition of India. They had been in a conflict for a long time which caused India to divide into three different countries and become independent. People Affected In Both India and Pakistan a total of 14.51 million people were affected and many became homeless. 14.51 million people had crossed the borders to other countries hoping for a safe journey. They found themselves in a religious minority. People homeless because they felt they had to move "If they stayed in their home they would be considered unwelcome by the other ethnicity." Background Timeline 1600- The British East India Company is established.

1707-Mughal Empire is collapsing. Indian states break away from Mughal control.

1757- Robert Clive leads victory at Battle of Plassey. This begins the East India company and the British Control leads power in India.

1800's- Indians change their views and some began to think more modernly.

May 10,1857- Indian Rebellion (Sepoy Mutiny) starts. Fierce fighting between Indian rebellion and the East Indian Company.

1858- British gov. takes full command of India.

Late 1800's- Nationalism surfaces in India.

1885- Indian National Congress is formed.

1906- Muslim league is formed.

1930- Philosopher Allama Iqbal proposes idea of a partition.

Late 1930's- Muslims begin to exit congress.

1943- Plan proposed by muslim League to divide and quit.

July 18, 1947- The Mountbatten Partition plan is finalized.

August 14-15, 1947- Independence is gained from Britain and Pakistan is formed the next day. British India colonized India by taking control of the country and their money but gave them railroads, universities, ect. in return. The Reaction of the International community Possibilities for Peace?
* The situation did not resolve. Tension still to this day on the Indian subcontinent.
* India and Pakistan gained independence before land possession to each was determined.
* 500,000 people died and 12,000,000 people became homeless. * Kashmir and Jammu remain in dispute to this day between India and Pakistan. Had you heard of this conflict before? Why? or Why Not? * NO
* Teen discussions do not usually involve foreign conflict.
* Teen computer searches do not usually include issues with foreign affairs. The other countries either sided with India or Pakistan. * Began in 1940
* This partition was to PREVENT violence but instead caused several conflicts and war.
* Conflict is still continuing to this day. Terms in Relation to the Conflict India was a NATION STATE before it was a MULTINATIONAL STATE because in 1945 India was under the control of the british. In 1971 India had finished dividing into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Therefore, it consumed of three different states at that time. India was a MULTI - ETHNIC STATE because there were Muslims and Hindus in the Country when it was British India. The separation of India segregated the two ETHNICITIES and forced them to move out of where they were living into two seperate areas depending on their religion.
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