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Monorail by Natalie

No description

Karen Simmons

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Monorail by Natalie

By Natalie Monorails What is a Monorail? Where are Monorails? Uh-oh no more seats! My Monorail Opinions The End of my prezi A Monorail is a form of transportation. You can find Monorails in Disney. You can also find monorails in Seattle, Washington; Las Vegas, Nevada; Jacksonville, Florida; and Newark, New Jersey. Most of the world's monorails are found in Japan. If Monorails run out of seats, the extra people would stand and hold poles. Poles are added so passengers who stand have something to hold on to. My opinions about Monorails are that I think that it was smart to put in the poles.Another one is I think it is cool that they are way up high.One more is I think monorails were right to not let people ride in the front because of the accident. I hope you learned something.See you later! It's a type of train that runs on one rail,because mono means one. Video Time Let's watch a video!
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