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Aidyn and Jordan

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Aidyn and Jordan

Medal of Honor
The medal of honor was awarded to almost 3,500 recipients. There was only one women who received this award , Mary Edwards Walker became the Army's first female surgeon. The official highest U.S. military distinction is simply The Medal of Honor , not the congressional medal of honor. This confusion occurs when the medal is awarded in the name of the congress. The medal of Honor is the least likely medal to be given out.

William E. Adams
Richard Beatty Anderson
Richard Anderson was a noble soldier. He sacrificed his life for his companions and for his country.While serving with the 4th Marine division, Anderson entered a shell crater with three other Marines.When Anderson was preparing to throw a grenade at an enemy position, the grenade slipped out of his hands and rolled to the bottom of a hole,where his men were. Anderson hurled his body on to the grenade, taking the full impact of the explosion.
Alfred l. Wilson
Kenneth l. Worley
At the time Worley was serving as a machine gunner at a night ambush position in a house in the Boban, Hamlet of Quang Nam proviance. In the morning the Marines awoke to a grenade warning, the warning was true, thus being the closest one to the grenade, Worley threw himself on top of the grenade, saving his brother's and fellow soldiers.
All these men where truly amazing, not just for the wars they fought in but just showing acts of honor and bravery threw it all, from sacrificing themselves for there brothers and fellow comrades to serving for their country these men show honor threw it all.
Facing moral fear or adversity may be a long, slow process of continuing forward on the right path, especially if taking those actions is not popular with others. You can build your personal courage by daily standing up for and acting upon the things that you know are honorable.All of these soldiers had amazing courage fighting in the wars and by being selfless with all their actions.
These men showed all kinds of patriotism, mostly all of them volunteered to go into battle, all of these soldiers did sacrifice themselves for their country and that's something we can never forget, it took a lot of courage to do what they did. This shows true acts of patriotism.
Aidyn and Jordan
Wilson volunteered to assist as an aid man, then a shell burst injured a number of it's men so they sent Wilson and the fellow soldiers back home and their Wilson refused assistance for himself, still injured he tried to help the wounded soldiers best to his ability and then later on he lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
Because of this act of courage and honor Mr.Wilson was awarded the medal of honor, for caring for his brothers that were injured and seeing passed his self being he also showed patriotism by volunteering for his country.
Mr. Worley was a brave man, sacrificing himself to save the lives of his fellow comrades really shows acts of patriotism, courage and mainly honor.
Adams volunteered to fly a helicopter that was
fully armed.He attempted to evacuate three
seriously injured soldiers in a small base that
was under attack.William was under direct fire
and trying to direct the attacks of a supporting helicopter all at the same time.While all this was
happening he was trying to maintain full control
of the helicopter.He passed away when their enemies shot at him.

Major Adams was a courageous and brave man. He was given the Medal of Honor because of all his leadership and the attempts he made to save his country. He passed away with great honor.
Richard Beatty Anderson was a courageous man had a lot of valor. Anderson i can say was a hard working guy that would do anything for his fellow soldiers and his country.
Valor is facing fear, danger or adversity morally or physically.These soldiers all showed this characteristic because of their courage,bravery and mostly honor.
Anderson,Adams,Worley and Wilson showed great leadership and loyalty to their fellow comrades and also showed true bravery through acts of service to their country and people.We believe they truly deserved the Medal of Honor. These four men show what being an American is all about. what inspired us the most was, each of them took the well being of others into matter then seeing what could happen to them.
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