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Bátonyi Luca Krisztina

No description

Luca Batonyi

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Bátonyi Luca Krisztina

2016.10.06. Homework presentation of myself
Bátonyi Luca Krisztina
Hi, my name is Bátonyi Luca, nice to meet you!
Is volleyball! I love it and I used to play it in PE class during my high school years.
My choice of sport:
I started elementary school in 2004
In 2008 I transferred to Szilágyi Erzsébet Gimnázium
During my junior year I participated in an exchange student program
I graduated in 2016
I now attend BGE and major in Tourism and Hospitality
My studies:
I spent a year in the United Stated, a small town called Forney, TX as a foreign exchange student.

2014-2015 YFU:
I was born on the 27th of August in 1997
I'm Hungarian, born and raised in Budapest
I live with my parents, brother and our animals
Some information about me:
YFU - Youth For Understanding
is the name of the organization
that made possible
for me to
have the
best year
of my life.
That's me
My LOVE for the arts:
Listening to music - basically any genre
Watching TV shows
Hanging out with friends
Other hobbies:
Thank you for your attention!
I like all form of the arts:
I go to museums and draw and paint myself
I try going to the theater just as often as the movies
When I was younger I used to dance, not anymore unfortunately
The only thing I don't do is sing (for a good reason)
And my favorite of all: TRAVELING
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