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A Street Law presentation over crimes against people.

Travis Pike

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Kidnapping

Kidnapping Unlawful Imprisonment Abduction What really constitutes a kidnapping? The crime of kidnapping when following situations occur: taken against their will
hostage situations
whether or not victim is moved
Who commits this crime? There are several types of people you might not know about! You would think these people are the most common suspects... Strangers Acquaintances These types of people include: Moms Dads Brothers Friends of the Family Sisters Romantic Partners They sometimes just love you too much! Many parents involved in divorce proceedings
have been known to kidnap children for
themselves A.K.A Females are the prime target Jaycee Lee Dugard Real Story! Story of her kidnapping... Eleven year old Jaycee Dugar was headed off to the bus one morning in 1991 when she was abducted by Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy. Jaycee was kept at the Garrido backyard and lived in a series of tents and soundproof rooms. She stayed in the backyard compound for nearly 18 years.
In a sad state of affairs, Garrido raped Jaycee many times
and Jaycee even gave birth to two daughters. Garrido claims
he has never touched or raped the girls, but who knows. Finally!
Jaycee was reunited with her real
family, the Probyns on August 27, 2009. They feel as though
"I've actually won the lotto." - Carl Probyn Some stats.... According to the U.S. Dept of Justice... 797,500 children under 18
were reported missing in
2008... average of 2,185 kids
a day! Most abductions are family
and not strangers! An excruciating ordeal on the family... Couples will often split up
Commit suicide
Suffer from physical or mental health consequences.
Drug and alcohol use increases as alternative What can you do? A Child Missing! Amber Alert System "The goal of anAMBER Alert is to
Instantly galvanize the entire community
to assist in the search for and the safe
recovery of the child." ~ http://www.amberalert.gov/ Criteria when using AMBER Alert Law Enforcement Confirms
an Abduction Risk of Bodily Injury or Death Sufficient Descriptive Info Needed Age of Child
Usually 17 or younger Info passed through NCIC
(National Crime Information System) Once these criteria have been met, an alert can be
sent out to local, state, and federal systems. Kidnapping...abduction... Words of Wisdom... Don't turn your back... You never know who's watching...and what they'll do!!! fsfjd
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