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Copy of Fun in Fundraising training

No description

Hossam Nasef

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Fun in Fundraising training

d Raising

What is Fund Raising?
Why do organizations fail in FR ? ?
Lack of Planning/Research Skills
Lack of Communication skills
Lack of Customers management
Lack of Resources
Lack of Promised deliverable
what Fund Raising isn't ?
why we work in non profits ?
statistics !!!!!!!!!!!
if you are good you are gonna get money
it's not they will give you money then you will become good
know your audience , name place , where to find ,,,, etc.
Social media , unused resource
engage ur audience
never over promise or under deliver
Objectives: (Workshop)
-Overview on Fund raising.
-Fund raising Strategy:

The Platinum Rule of FR
We don't communicate features , we communicate benefits
Fund Raising has 3 prescriptions
Adopt the marketing concept
Suitable form of
Fund that matches
my NGO

Assume the role of problem solver or partner

-marketing value
Forms to be discussed
customers awareness
of our services
Relationship Strategy,, self concept.
Customer strategy ,, prospecting , writing .
Services strategy.
Presentation strategy ,, negotiation & sealing deals & pitching.
Relationship Strategy
Adopt a win win philosophy
Project a professional

-Shaking Hands
-Proper greeting, symbolizes respect
-Make eye contact
-Use firm, deep grip
-Duration and dryness
-State your name when you extend your hand.
Maintain high
build new relationships and turn them into
partnerships and manage them
Communication Style Biased

The Platinum Rule of Communication

we deal with people the way the want to be treated not the way we want to be treated

-Product expert is good but industry expert is better
-differentiation sheet
-written proposals
-Pricing authority
-Your non profit is part of the product , u fund them both.
Product strategy
Customer Strategy
Understand the buying process
Understand buyer behavior
Develop a prospect base
consumer behavior
needs, solution, evaluation, resolve, purchase, implement
-what's my best segment ?
-start with the closest person
-be human centered
Centers of influence
Trade publications
Trade shows and special events
Telemarketing and e-mail
Direct-response advertising and sales letters

Computerized database
Cold calling
Educational seminars
Prospecting by non-sales employees

How to reach :
who to reach:
need, authority to buy, financial resources, willingnes
Phone call
Thank You !
mobile: 01003050488
email: Nasef60@yahoo.com

Objectives: (First session)
-Fund raising is a process of
raising not raising
they don't give to you they give through you
negotiation statuses
Fund raiser philosophy:
- Developing relationships not making profit
- Discovering needs "me and the customer"
- Matching products with needs
- Communicating benefits
- A process that adds value
begging & science & marketing
Forms of Fund Raising
The biggest source of FR
LIA ,,, Link , Interest and Ability
the number one reason u did not get a gift is because u did not ask
Online funding
time , talent , treasure
Creative ways
FRer parties
business projects
,,,, etc.
-most probably for charities but,,,
-members donations
sponsorship management:
-Categorization of sponsors.
-Benefit packaging.
-History and competitors.
-social entrepreneurship grants
-Online campaigns
-Crowd funding
Financial Support
Why is Fund Raising important ?
you connect them with the needs
-what is fund raising.
-fundraiser philosophy.
-forms of fund raising.
-why do organizations fail in fundraising.
-fund raising process.
Fund Raising Tools
Written Proposals
Promotional materials
Steps of fund raising plan
1) Where are we?
2) Where do we want to go ?
3) How to go there ?
4) How to know we got there ?
Current and previous achievements
Current expenses
Tools used
Setting overall targets
In kinds
When to Fund Raise?
Who to approach?
How to approach?
Was the goal realistic?
How well did the organizational structure help in fundraising?
Did the sponsors’ kit do the expected job?
Was a certain event more effective than others?
Did the campaign fix financial problems?
Did the fundraising team function adequately?
80 20 rule for time
can u pitch your idea ?
logistics team
seasonal , day
work in TEAMS!!
non profits customers:
Fund Raising strategy
- Self concept (personal &
social identity) esteem.
emotional intelligence.
- empathy vs ego drive
- character and integrity
- The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.

-Avoid rapid-fire speech.
-Vary speed of your delivery.
-Sound upbeat and energetic, but not phony.
-Convey enthusiasm in your voice.
-Try to sound “relaxed”.
-Avoid bad speech habits.

-Avoid temptation to start on first name basis
-Avoid offensive comments or jokes.
-Recognize importance of punctuality.
-When dining, avoid discussing business before meals are ordered, unless customer initiates.
-When leaving voice-mail messages, leave a clear, concise message.
-Avoid cell-phone contempt.
-Have business cards.
-Have printouts .
-show your product.
- ama 7ad yecancel 3alek matetselsh beh tany f wa2taha wennaby.
- ama te2ol hab3atlak 7aga f sa3etha teb3atha.
-Ice breakers at the beginning
-No politics nor religion on the icebreaker.

example : English with virgin
Verbal and non verbal messages

Which is more important ?

-First customer contact critical.
-Quick, superficial judgments are made.
-Impressions can facilitate or distract.
-Image a fundraiser projects can influence the customer’s feelings about that fundraiser.
video time
-Overview on FR strategy
-Relationship strategy
-communication style biased
-how to communicate with different

Non verbal strategies

Silent messages communicated through:
-Facial expressions.
-Voice tone.
-Gestures (nodding a long).
-Eye contact.
-Nonverbal messages have greater impact than verbal messages.

Make sure verbal and nonverbal messages are

-act more, think less.
-to much is to much.
-Care customize,
appreciate, respond & execute

-Believe and project that you have a reason to be there and something important to offer the client.

-Communicate confidence with:
Strong stride
Good posture
Friendly smile
Entrance and Carriage
Body Language

-People tend to trust a smiling face.
-Reading facial expressions fairly universal across cultures.
-Good eye contact says “I’m listening.”
-Prolonged eye contact can send
wrong message.

Facial expressions convey inner feelings

-Business casual.
-Visual integrity.
Eletekeeeeeet ya5wana

It's not just about what you say, It's more about the way you say it.
Rule of Presentation

what is negotiation ?
getting what you want at a price that is acceptable to you.

that's why:
Kids are the best negotiators ever.

what makes a successful negotiator?

-well prepared.
-best price.
-attractive terms(shipping example.)
-time frames.
-remedies if things go wrong.

-negotiate with the right personal (three brothers)

-become a trusted negotiator
(CCP character, competence and power.)

-know your own BATNA
best alternative to a negotiated agreement.
and the other parties BATNA

-know where the elephants and ants are , you don't have to win every point on the terms sheet.
be willing to lose some battles to win the war.
offer a higher price. vodafone w anas tawfik

-understand the person in front of you very carefully .(tanzania)

-ROR rules of the road when negotiating with a partner.

-Don't get so competitive , never wrestle a pig, you will get dirty and he will enjoy it, never raise fund from someone who doesn't match your values and ethics

Nokia & semiens
-it's just a conversation.
-you are accountable to your nonprofit.
-be authentic , all this is just helping tools.

Fundraiser is not a good talker , he is a good listener.
& don't forget to reward yourself.
CRM with technology
Automated Reports
data warehouse
good forecasting
Example: Excell,Emails, Database Network,IPad......
from sponsor
to strategic alley

1. Individual Differences
Individual differences exist and are important
Each person displays individual array of verbal and nonverbal characteristics

2. Communication Style as a Way of Thinking and Behaving
A preferred way of using one’s abilities
Ability is how well you can do something
Style is how you like to do it

3. Individual Styles Tend to Be Stable Over Time
Based on hereditary and environmental factors
Our “style” tends to remain rather constant through life
The ability to “flex” can be enhanced

4. There Is a Finite Number of Styles
Most people display one of several behavioral clusters
We can often “label” a person’s preferred communication style

5. Get in Sync with Styles of Others
Communication style differences can be source of friction
Develop an ability to adapt to another person’s style

Gain more insight into your communication style by assessing it online at:

-deliberate attempt to adjust one’s communication style to accommodate others’ needs.
-Learn about each customer’s style during pre-approach stage.
-Do not become preoccupied with identifying style during sales calls.
-Analyze call afterward for style clues.

Communication Style Principles
Debate ?
Are you ready to
Selling to Diff. characters
Selling to Reflectives
Selling to Emotives

-Be enthusiastic
-Don’t be too stiff or formal
-Take time to establish goodwill/-relationships
-Maintain eye contact
-Be good listener
Selling to Supportives

-Use thoughtful, well-organized approach.
-Present information in deliberate manner.
-Provide documentation.
-Never pressure for quick decisions.

-Take time to build the relationship
-Listen carefully to their opinions and feelings
-Provide assurances for their views
-Have patience. Give them time to comprehend.

Selling to Directives

-Keep as businesslike as possible.
-Be efficient, time disciplined, organized.
-Identify their goals.
-Ask questions and note responses.

-Do not let labels rule behavior
-Labels make people feel boxed in or judged
-Acquire additional information
-Do not classify people per title, classify their strengths and preferences
-Do not let labels justify your inflexibility

video time
Questions ?
the report
Business Writing

Thinking part
Writing Part


cut to 1/3


Rule 1
Rule 3
Rule 2
What is it ?
William's definition
Power point
Time for you to write
"Thinking on
a paper"
Email to coworkers suggesting to them why it's important for them to be on time for meetings and appointments
Who cares about good writing?
-It's every where, emails, power point, letters.

-Makes you come of as the smart one
(to get what you need) (blind beggar).

-Communicates the brand identity.
Thinking part of writing
writing part of writing
Get what you want to say down
to one sentence
whats in it for me
watch out for (we-us- our)
From general to specific
memento movie
logical systematic approach
,, I'll give back in value

,, what I am asking is consistent with what I know you believe in
,, experts believe what I say

,, ay 7ad makanak haye3ml keda

,, the opportunity will go away

,, you like me , do it for me
you should

email requesting an IPad
-because sentence
-Brief email
# 1

Less is more.

What you say is
more important than
how much you say.

# 2

Uncover insight and thoughts.

Facts are interesting but insight is persuasive.

# 3

Adopt an active tone of voice.

The message should be
listened by everyone
(passive voice)

Everyone should listen
to the message (active

# 4

Visualize ideas.

Visualize your ideas first. Then write them. It will save you from writing as you speak.

Rule 4
# 5

Adapt to the delivery format.

Your writing should adapt to the format of delivery: email, presentation, document

Rule 5
Revised Version
Suitable for presentation.

-In PowerPoint the slides are not the presentation.

-Slides shouldn’t say everything you will.
Highlight key words and phrases in blue – the brain likes color!

-The 6 x 10 rule for presentations
No more than six lines per slide
No more than ten words per line

-Include an executive summary for lengthy documents

-Write a one line reminder
Before you begin writing summarize your document with a short headline e.g
. Five Rules for Business Writing

-Think of the readers questions
Give the who, what, when, where, and why

-Adopt a plain writing style
Seek to persuade and inform, do not write as you speak

-Keep it short
Less is more



-Give the reader a map
Summarize and highlight major points – use bullet points and lists.

-Stress benefits not features
Your writing should be persuasive
Perfume industry. Perfumeries do not sell stuff that makes you smell nice
(the feature). They sell romance (the benefit).

-Omleting the subject line.

-Not making the subject line meaningful.

-Not personalizing your message to the receipt.

-Forgetting to check for spelling and grammar.
expecting an instant response
emails live forever , never send an angry message
Multiple topics in one message
reread before sending

who's interested? likes and hates ?
why negotiation ?
daily use,, new mobile. we are all negotiators ,, every conversation we had in our life was a negotiation.
It's time to
Benefit package
customize, appreciate, respond & execute
prospecting ingredients
consistency "prospect daily"
plan it
Turn Off the Distractions
Use Every Method Available
Write Scripts
Focus on the Outcome
cold calling vs smart calling
Nurture Relationships Over Time
smart tip
two phone calls will probably do better than one
Pitching an idea
questions a pitch should answer

What is your organization all about?
Who is your market?
What is your social service? More simply, how do you plan to make an impact ?
Who is your competition?
What is your competitive advantage?
what is your disrupting factor ?
what is unique about your volunteering team ?

pitch structure

The Introduction
Keep it simple; don’t waste time with your bio!
What is the name of your company?
Who are you?
What is your role at the company?

The Description
Your goal: The investor understands your product!
Describe benefits; not features
Business value; not technical specifications
Draw an analogy: “Unlike our competitors….
Use a metaphor
Focus on the single most important benefit
Why will customers buy your product?
Why is your product unique?
The Hook
Grab the investors’ attention; make them want to know more!
What makes your company special?
This is a phrase or word that strikes a chord in your listener.

The Close
Keep it simple
What stage of development are you in?
How much capital are you seeking?
If you have time left….

Hossam Nasef
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