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How my sketchbook works

No description

Joanna Dawson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of How my sketchbook works

Sketchbook Pages A sketchbook should be personal to you It should reflect themes that interest you Eyes are always a favourite theme and if I doodle it's always an eye. Faces always interest me How My Sketchbook Works I always prepare my pages. I don't like white pages & I do like texture. Tea/coffee and collage seem to work for me I never start at the beginning. Randomness rules in my sketchbooks one idea leads to another My sketchbook is what I practice in. I have it with me all the time Backgrounds include monochrome colour washes,
hand written type & collage .
Things happen in layers and in no particular order. collect stuff works for me Developing pages layer upon layer upon layer I nearly always start with a page that has some kind of texture or colour (or both) on this is my starting point. The start of a drawing (usually an idea for a finished piece) ............my sketch book is a work in progress a box of ideas a book of working out.............. Trying out different techniques on the same theme. Collecting stuff putting it together a visual diary experiment Stuff I like I love drawing faces practice different techniques use a variety of materials graphite graphite on antique paper graphite on textured paper coloured pencil graphite, collage, coffee & ink ink ink collage graphite on antique textured paper graphite, collage & print transfer print collage & ink Sketch books that I really like by Artist Ron Pippin tea coffee ink pencils Different eyes in different materials glue biro fineliner sticking newspaper music literature maps film photographs paint drawing, collage, paint , type and ink graphite, ink, photographs & text graphite, ink,texture,collage collage graphite,text,ink & texture coloured pencil,ink,text & paint collage, drawing, feathers, photograph & text ink,graphite & paint photo & coloured pencil text feathers faces theme monochrome text texture Samples of other artists sketchbooks making lists adding pages Working on faces for finished pieces.
they all start in my sketchbook Initial idea starts in sketchbook then develops to a final piece via various processes. Sketchbook pages of faces
at various stages Add pages Collect stuff, things you like , photographs, maps bits of paper & experiment with drawing techniques. Try different ways of layout experiment
It's not going to work out right first time
that's one of the reasons for sketchbooks. Preparing pages, backgrounds, washes , texture etc draw stuff all the time try different techniques I like feathers, so I collect different feathers & hoard them in my sketchbook also they are really good to draw Make notes, try different materials & techniques.
Stick stuff in, add bits on, rip & stick.
Collect photographs, different paper, add text.
ONE IDEA WILL LEAD TO ANOTHER be creative graphite print stick write artist look Make foldouts, stitch in & use tape. Mind-map, notes, sketches, collage & trying stuff out.
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