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conventions of rom com genre

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Jessica Bell

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of conventions of rom com genre

Conventions On The Hybrid Genre Rom - Com Here are some of the most popular Romantic Comedies The hybrid Rom - Com stands for a romantic comedy film. These films include romance and love with an opposing side of comedy or comical references to add to it. Every film has its own types of characters, mise - en - scene, iconography, narrative, themes and sound. In this presentation I am going to identify the certain types of appearances from those categories that the genre Rom - com involves. Characters in a Romantic Comedy In some Rom Com's there is narration to explain the background or a running commentary of how the characters are feeling. The commentary may occur at a certain climax of the film.
Narrative also means the sequence of events that the story comes in some flow using Todorov's theory.
1/ equilibrium - state of normality in the film
2/ disruption - something goes wrong
3/ recognition - main character realises something's gone wrong
4/ repair - fix it
5/ equilibrium
Some Rom Com's do flow like this, some oppose this theory and start with the future then tracing back to the past, this is a typical link to use narration to explain what is happening to the audience. Narrative Iconography - The visual images, symbols, or modes of representation collectively associated with a person, cult or movement.
In Rom Com films, there is often particular similar iconography in every film to represent the genre. Some of these iconic symbols are, embarrassment between one or both of the characters. there is sexism, the difficulty that arises is often caused by the male lead. Kissing scenes with big build ups or in romantic settings eg. in the rain. Also meeting one or both of the parents is involved and iconic to a romantic comedy. Iconography Themes Bye Jessica Bell Using Propp's theory on the 8 character functions, a romantic comedy includes the more typical hero - whose most commonly the male lead who is trying to win the girls love some how. A princess is included, most commonly at the center of the drama that may occur in the film sometimes causing it to make the hero chase after her etc. Side kicks are also characterized in the Rom - com genre films, these are both side kicks for the male lead and the female lead as they normally offer the advice or help when a tricky or unusual situation comes along. A donor, this person is often the hidden character who isnt noticed so much but eventually ends up being the savior of the film. Since it is a comedy then there is always a key comical character who may appear quite stupid/immature/causing humorous trouble for the audience of the film. Ruby the Character in the Rom com Monster In Law, is the donor in this film who helps in little ways for the couple. She is the almost servant to one of the main characters and she is the better side of the pair. Daulph is the key humorous character in this Rom Com Just Go With It. He is immature and is included in the majority of the most comical moments in the film. Anna is the princess type figure in the Rom Com film Made Of Honour, with the problem them encounters the couple in the film she is the main part of the problem and it is up to the main male lead/hero to fix it and win her back, as is quite common in romantic comedies. In the Rom Com Just My Luck, Ashley the key main character/princess has her sidekicks of Maggie and Dana who help her along her way in the film and offer her support through out the film. Mise - En - Scene C - Costume used in Rom Com is often quite fashionable for the girls, they are usually dressed up very girly, often in dresses or skirts, or floaty tops - this connotes their feminie side so that the audience can interpret the females kind of emotions. The male characters are often dressed quite simply with jeans and shirts/t- shirts, more simpler than the women to stereotype the men as maybe less caring of the way they look. The most comical character will be dressed in quite an outrageous outfit or just clothes that are odd colours - to signify his immaturity or his comical side and image to the film.

L - The lighting in Rom Com films is more than most high key lighting, the comedy side is signified with this to connote happiness and also love. In plenty of Rom Com films there is scenes where low key lighting is used such as night time city scenes, with the use of street lights to produce the low key lighting, this can really connote romance, similar to candle light for example.

A - The actors in the film are the producers of the love and comedy, they interpret the facial expressions for the audience to understand the kind of humour and romance that is wanted to be brought across. In the majority of Rom Com's the facial expressions on the actors faces portray how they're feeling, there is often tears, smiles, funny gestures and plenty of kissing scenes to intrigue an audience and make it believable.

M - The make up used in Rom Com films is often quite low key, unless there is possibly the opposing princess for instance, the actors are then opposed so that one princess is in light more natural make up and the other looking very glamorous.

P - Props used in Rom Com genres can be from a range of things, from cars, to food, sunglasses to a ring for example. Cars are often used to portray any wealthy characters in the film. Each prop represents its own statement for why it is being used by the character or scene etc.

S - Setting in Rom Com genres, is often romantic or in a nice looking place. Holiday resorts are a good example of settings used in Rom Com's. Cities are also used to represent the busy lives of the characters, their jobs, their homes and what they do when their not at home and work etc. This is so the audience can grasp and relate to the characters and understand their backgrounds. Costume - Jamie is wearing a girly outfit to show her feminine side and Dylan is wearing a smart shirt and trousers - dressing smart...possibly trying to impress Jamie? Just Go With It In Just Go With It , there is plenty of high key lighting to show happiness and love which the Rom Com is full of. Actor's expressions on their faces - like in the Rom Com How To Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, this expression signifies to the audience exactly how she is feeling. In the Rom Com A Cinderella Story the make up used is minimum and natural for the main female lead on the right. However to oppose this as the other guy fighting for the male leads attention the middle girl on the light picture is where a lot of make up and bright lipstick to oppose the other character. In the Rom Com Life As We Know It they are using props, such as the baby bottle and the teddy bear, connoting that they are dealing with a baby/toddler. If they didn't have these in their hands then the audience wouldn't fully grasp what was going on. Friends With Benefits Rom Com is set at some points in the city, this connotes how busy they are and also with the low key lighting this could be seen as quite romantic. Embarrassment - Notting Hill Kissing in the rain - The Notebook Meeting the parents - Meet The Parents awkwardness - Crazy Stupid Love The themes in Rom Com's are plentiful, there's example of
Problem solving
...in some cases it can be set and surrounded by particular things. For instance being set in the war or at a particular time of year eg. christmas, halloween and new year etc. Sound The sound used in Rom Com films, both diagetic and non - diagetic are often bubbly and happy until the dilemma/problem occurs, the music then changes to emotional sad music to represent the fact that the characters are having a problem and are sad/upset about it. The opening scene of a Rom Com often starts with bubbly music, as with Todorov's theory the film starts with an equilibrium so everything begins happily. Particularly with non - diagetic music the producers/directors will pick a particular song that can portray what the film can possibly relate to. This song is used at the beginning of Friends With Benefits This song is used relatively near to the beginning of John Tucker Must Die This song is used in Just Go With It when the problem in the film occurs, to represent the emotions the characters are feeling. Our Family Wedding
Valentine's Day
He's Just Not That Into you
The Bounty Hunter
The Wedding Singer
When Harry Met Sally
Pretty Woman
The Wedding Planner
She's All That
Never Been Kissed
10 Things I Hate About You
Music And Lyrics
When In Rome
Confessions Of A Shopaholic
Knocked up
No Strings Attached
The Proposal
Sex An The City
Sweet Home Alabama
How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days
The Break - Up
Maid In Manhattan
What Happens In Vegas
27 Dresses Leap Year
Six Days Seven Nights
Shallow Hal
Fool's Gold
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Just Go With It
Easy A
Life As We Know It
Just Married
License To Wed
No Reservations
Rumor Has It
Because I Said So
Pretty In Pink
Blind Date
40 Days And 40 Nights
The Back - Up Plan
The Heartbreak Kid
Just Friends
Definitely, Maybe
She's Out Of My League
Picture Perfect
50 First Dates Humour Love Family Friendship
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