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MLA Citations Mini Lesson

No description

Kaylee Perry

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of MLA Citations Mini Lesson

MLA Parenthetical Citations
MLA Format
12 pt. font
Times New Roman
1 inch margin on all sides
Double spaced
Only one space after periods or other punctuation marks
MLA In Text Citation
No matter what type of source, in text citations must be formatted a certain way. For example:
Lead-Ins and Dropped or "Naked" Quotes
Lead Ins
How you introduce evidence
According to Paul Smith...
Paul Smith stated that...
In the article "---", the author states...
When you use a lead-in, you do not have to include the last name/ article name in the parenthetical citation.
Paul Smith stated that...(23). OR...
As stated in the article ---,"..." (Smith 23).
As stated in the article, "..." (Article name)
For any questions you may have (How do I cite multiple authors?, etc.)
Go to Purdue Owl MLA
Before you ask me, think...
Print sources such as novel, journal, article etc...
Last name of author+page number where you found the evidence
(Smith 412)
No Commas
No Punctuation
The periods between
each number
Have I checked Purdue Owl yet?
Dropped Quotes
You may NEVER use a quote by itself.
You must always:
Use a lead in
Intertwine it in your sentence.
"Othello is tragically mislead".
According to Paul Smith, "Othello is tragically mislead" (23).
Because of the ghastly murder of Desdemona, Othello can be considered to have been "tragically mislead" (Smith 23).

Othello murders Desdemona. "Othello is tragically mislead"
(Smith 23).
My quotes are ALWAYS in quotation marks.
Period is after the
When you use a quote you have to explain why you used it.
You must introduce it.
And then explain it.
These sentences are called book-ends.
Piecing it together
While Othello is attempting to take revenge upon Desdemona, he lacks rationality. Paul Smith states that, "Othello is tragically mislead"(23). He characterizes Othello this way due to Othello's seemingly uncharacteristic and rash actions.
First bookend
2nd bookend/
1st CM
Lead in

Period after in-text citation
Works Cited
Easy Bib
Begin your works cited on a new page
Double space everything, but do not skip lines between citations.
indent second and subsequent lines. DO NOT INDENT THE FIRST LINE

Kalia Yang, Kao. “The Latehomecomer.” Collections, Houghton
Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Orlando, FL, 2015,
pp. 53-66.
For Our Purposes...
*If the author is unavalible, use the article name*
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