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Family Business 3 Circle Model

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Transcript of Family Business 3 Circle Model

Most of us have grown up in a family, and we know what our role is --- mother, father, sister, brother, cousin and so on. When we are part of a family that owns its own business, we need to understand that we could potentially have more than that one role.
Owner/Governance Circle
The role of owner is an important one because we have to think about the profitability of our business and whether it is structured appropriately. We may also need to be very intentional about just wearing our ‘owner’ hat when we are talking with other family members about the business.
Business Circle
Some of us may work inside the family business and so we also wear an ‘employee’ or ‘business’ hat. This means that when we are talking to other family members about the business we need to be very mindful that we are speaking from an ‘employee’s’ perspective, not just an owner perspective.
Family Circle
The 3 Circle model is important because it helps us see that the three roles of Family, Business, and Owner are separate from one another. Often, family business members experience what we call role conflict. This can be as simple as Dad, who runs the business, coming home at dinner and being unhappy with her son, who is an employee of the family business, for something that happened at work which causes the two of them to make everyone else at the table (Mom, Sister) uncomfortable.
Being conscious of which role you have or which hat you are wearing may be tricky, but it's really helpful in family relationships.
It is also important to understand that whether or not we have a specific ‘role’ in our family business, we and other family members will always have the three ‘perspectives’ of --- family member, business owner, business operator. Owners are concerned about profitability; Operators are concerned about productivity and treatment of employees; Family members are concerned about relationships within their family and how the business may be passed on to the succeeding generations.
The 3 Circle Model should help us be more understanding of ourselves and other members of our family when they encounter ‘role conflict’. Feel free to visit our website fobresources.com for more information around this 3 Circle model, Role Conflict and much more.
This model is great for our own understanding as well understanding and setting boundaries. Family businesses are often notorious for not having proactive boundaries.
What groups are there in a family owned business?
Why is this 3 circle model so important?

What groups are there in a family owned business?
Why is this 3 circle model so important?
Family Business 3 Circle Model
It can be difficult to navigate all of the different roles we each may have in a Family Business. Here is a model that can help us keep those roles clarified.
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