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TABCo Food - Elevation Burger

No description

Ali Ashkanani

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of TABCo Food - Elevation Burger

2000: UNCC- NUKS - Alwihda

2004: Global Investment House

2008: NBK Capital

2010: TABCo Food
TABCo Food - Elevation Burger
NUKS Conference
San Diego 2013

TABCo Food
To enhance the restaurant experience with responsibility toward the community and the environment
Start-up & Entrepreneurial Environment

Five out of seven in
the photo run their own
businesses today!
Global Investment House
Happy Cattle!
2009 Visit to EB in Baltimore
Modern Business Model
Business and Social integration
Successful role models are there
M. H. Alshaya
Mr. Baker Group
Chowi Gowi
No Magic, but simply setting business strategy and goals
Origination & Motivation
EB Growth
2009: wonder and discover
The Idea

Discovery Meeting

Hire Legal Adviser

Business Plan and Initiation
2010: Foundation and establishment
Finalize Business Plan

TABCo Incorporation

Training and Knowledge acquirement

Define Corporate Governance

The Avenues Store Fit Out

Setting Supply Chain
2012: Opening Alhamra and seeking growth
Dubai: January 2013
Menus - Abuhalifa
Quality Assurance
Organization Excellence

Customer Experience

Social Impact

Supply Chain
From Alwihda to Partnership
Abdullateef Albahar
Khaled Albuaijan
Ali Ashkanani
Abdulaziz Alturaiji
NBK Capital
Solid foundation and structure

Well defined corporate governance

High talents and deep knowledge

Background and Reseme
A little background
Time line of business development
More about Elevation Burger
Challenges and dreams

2011: The Avenues
Staff: 0
Staff: 1
Staff: 45
Opened 2nd branch

Set further goals for EB
2013: Business expansion
Staff: 130
GCC openings

Define organization Challenges

Only the beginning
Est. Staff: 250
2014: Journey to Excellence
Organic Grass-Fed Beef
Fresh Ingredients
Sustainable Operations
Socially Responsible
What's Elevation Burger?
Free Range
Better for you and
the Environment
Sustainable Operations
Use of recycled or sustainable materials

Energy efficient equipments (50%-70% less energy)

HR policies that develop career and talents within the organization

Social Responsibility
Provide better/healthier nutrition to people

Environment Friendly

Community Engagement
Creating Culture Shock
Sports & Recreational
> 50 intrens from Loyac trained at EB in 2013
Opening first international EB

Successful launch and well acceptance

New Challenge
Challenges & Dreams
Improve Quality
Attract Excellent Employees
Elevate Work Standards
Increase Market Share
Expand Portfolio
Who is up for the challenge?
Operation Management
Supply Chain Management
We need to talk.
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