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HPE Next Program Overview

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Martha Apodaca

on 6 December 2018

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Transcript of HPE Next Program Overview

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Built to Win
Connecting our End-to-End Business, from policy to Technology Enablement

HPE Next Program Overview
Global Operations Transformation agenda (as part of HPE Next) is to transform our processes, accelerate growth and improve customer experience in each of our core and enabling process areas.

Focus on Global Operations
HPE Next
NextGen IT
Reshaping our IT Infrastructure
Defining and Delivering the HPE of the Future
NextGen IT is the most ambitious reshaping of IT infrastructure in our company's history. It delivers an IT infrastructure optimized and built especially for who we are today. The alignment to single sources of truth for critical functions, the leveraging of data across the value chain and the enabling of fully integrated employee, customer and partner experiences will truly change how HPE does business.

GO Beyond
There are many benefits to NextGen IT for Sales Compensation, including:

Together, we’re creating an organization that is designed to win in the marketplace. We have an opportunity to re-architect the way we do business from the ground up. We are making a significant investment in our processes and capabilities to pave the way for a successful next chapter.

Focuses on driving HPE-wide policy and process decisions as well as our end-to-end data strategy to achieve four key outcomes: revenue growth, operating efficiency, enhanced experiences, and business agility. Built to Win is the glue that connects our end-to-end business, from policy to technology enablement.

What are the Benefits of NextGen IT?
Think about it and send your feedback to:

email: salescomptraining@hpe.com
To Learn More About NextGen IT

GOing Beyond CallidusCloud Program Site:

For more information stayed tuned for next training module on detailed information about Sales Compensation and NextGent IT "Coming Soon!"

What does it take to transform?
Under the HPE Next Program Umbrella are Built to Win and NextGen IT:
Strategy, Business & Financial Plan
Business & Process Transformation
Through HPE Next, NextGen IT and Built to Win, Sales Comp embarks on a unprecedented journey full of significant benefits such as:

A company-wide, single, consistent source of sales transactional data, coming from their upstream systems into Sales Comp credit & pay systems

Enabling faster crediting and pay for Sales

GO Beyond Sales Compensation
Click on the link below to go to the NextGen IT Hub:

HPE Next and these initiatives are rooted in common guiding principles:

Putting our customers and partners first by enhancing their experience


Reducing complexity and streamlining business processes to accelerate outcomes


Combining our industry-leading products and services with modernized, predictable execution

3 Programs Working as One...
What are the Benefits of NextGen IT for Sales Comp?
Simplified and streamlined IT systems enabling faster crediting and incentive pay for Sales

Data-driven insights for business performance with a single-source of sales transactions and order data downstream to Sales Comp

Enhanced policies and processes to support our long term strategy in HPE Next

We’re rolling out NextGen IT in incremental releases in order to drive faster business value

The first foundational release has already gone live successfully with more releases to come

Our customers, partners, and suppliers will begin to see changes on their end in later releases, throughout FY19

What can we Expect?
To learn more about SAP Commissions (previously called CallidusCloud) and how it impacts Sales Comp go to:
(GO = Global Operations)
How usefull was this information?

What can we do to improve?
Sharing confidential information relating to this project within HPE should be limited to those employees who NEED TO KNOW that information for the purposes of evaluating, structuring and implementing the project
Your use of the confidential information must be limited to the evaluation of this project and not for any other purpose
All working documents for this project should be marked “HPE CONFIDENTIAL.” Note that the HPE “Standards of Business Conduct” set forth the requirements for handling all of such documents
Failure to comply with these instructions would constitute a serious breach of (i) our HPE’s Standards of Business Conduct and (ii) of your individual employment contract obligations and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including separation from employment in accordance with such employment contract and the applicable legislation
Workstream leaders are/will be entrusted with sensitive information regarding this project, HPE, its strategy and future plans. This information shall be shared within HPE on a need to know basis only. You should remind persons you share this information with of the sensitive nature of the information and shall restrict to the minimum possible the circulation of such
For those countries that require consultation with works councils or other employee representatives, this document and the information it contains is not intended to provide country-specific complete information and in no way reflects that final decisions have been made at a country level. With respect to such countries, final decisions are subject to prior consultation with works councils and other employee representatives, as required, and in compliance with local laws
HPE Confidential –
Hewlett Packard Enterprise reserves the right to adjust or cancel the terms of Sales plans, or Sales letters with or without notice at any time, including but not limited to adjusting accounts, goals/quota, territory, Target Incentive Amount (TIA) or to address changing or unforeseen business conditions or to correct administrative errors. Global Sales Compensation Policy is the governing document for Sales Compensation. For those countries that require consultation with works councils or other employee representatives, this is not intended to provide country-specific information and in no way reflects that final decisions have been made at a local level. With respect to such countries, final decisions are subject to prior consultation with works councils and other employee representatives, and compliance with local law.
Setting the Foundation with Built to Win

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