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Computer Animation

No description

Danny Le

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Computer Animation

History Of Computer Animation
Computer animation goes back to the 1950's and 60', originally founded by John Whitney. Near the 1980's 3D realistic animations were established and in 1981, the first movie using CGI was made.

First Feature Length Computer Animated Film
How Computer Animation Changed Movies
Computer animation in movies had a major effect on the movie industry. The technique of computer animation advanced movies massively. Eventually we went from people wearing costumes to full CGI monsters and characters making movies a lot scarier.
Where Computer Animation is Abused
CGI can be used for many types of abuse. With enough education anyone can use CGI to trick people into believing something is real, to soliciting money, to conduct false advertising, etc. An example of this false advertising are car ads
Animation and Movies Before Computers
Before computer animated movies, there were hand drawn animated movies, silent films, stop motion animation, and puppetry. Monsters were in costumes and special effects were used to great effect.

What is Computer Animation?

Computer Animation is the process used for generating animated images by using computer graphics.
Computer Animation
We chose computer animation because it incorporates a variety of skills that deal with technology. One of these skills is called 'CGI'.
Why did we Choose Computer Animation ?
Did you know that Toy Story was made in 1995? It was also the first feature length computer animated film
The Future of Computer Animation
Jobs in the Computer Animation Industry

Help me
Computer animation is advancing rapidly and can eventually distort what's real and what isn't. Which may greatly affect the movie industry and real life. Also computer animation may start being used by crime investigators to reenact crimes to help solve the case.
Did you know?
3D Animator
Graphic Designer
Animation Specialist
Computer Animator
Real or Fake?
These are viral Youtube videos with a lot of controversy over its legitimacy and use of computer animation are they real or fake?
Animated movies film everything in images or frames the amount of frames per second can give an illusion of movement. At 24 frames per second the illusion of continuous movement is produced and it's the standard amount of frames for the movie industry
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