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Low Carbon transition Community

Pip Community from Climate KIC

Boris Véliz

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Low Carbon transition Community

Motivation/ Regional Kick-off event
1-Goal of the long living community (Hesse crucible)?

Sharing Knowledge and create innovations for the climate change challenges

Tool to put ideas into practices.

New business opportunities, new markets, addressing a specific set of climate change challenges

Joint coordinated project between region (strengthen cooperation between regions)

Help to locate everyone, everyplace, everything.

2-What do we do?

Exchange: _information, _best practice, _perspective,
_expert, _expertise, and transition thinking.

Organize meeting, events.

Higher educational program/ lectures by Challenges fields

Motivate Pip and Host to continue contributing
to the Community.

Raise the profile of the PiP program & feedback tools
Turning Point
Low carbon transition community
2- Platform thematic challenges
Platform deliverable
Platform contents/database, Details
People and hosts (templates to fill-in by people and hosts)

•Contact information and social networks profiles (linkedin, etc.)

•What are they doing on the regional placement?

•Where they are?

•What do they do?

Expertise, capacity, products and services

(We should’nt generate more paper work. For example, use the initial motivation document to gather some public info for this)
People and host
Group by interest/objectives
Projects (Pip, Venture, etc.): past and on-going.
Groups by interest / objectives

•Contact information and social networks profiles (linkedin, etc.)

•Climate KIC & Regional challenges on work

•What are their objectives ?

•What are they doing?

Projects (PiP, Venture, etc.), past and on-going.
There is a great Importance of projects inside the community: they turn ideas, plans and objectives into actions, projects go directly into MOTIVATION:
•Project Definition Plan (PDP): objective, members, gantt, funding from where.
•Current status: status and gantt (viewed on-line) advance.
•Latest news: help required, events, etc.
•Forum, Wiki and Files.
•Fully multi-permission, multi-language, multi-role, etc.
For the visibility of the project, the main platform (joomla) will be used.
Regional Challenges
Search engine for all.
Must be able to provide links to ALL the information and data inside the platform, but according to the permission of every user. This search engine will have to search in all the information. This is, in detail:
•The main site: joomla provides a free module for that, so searching in contacts, hosts, groups and training and events.
•Google: joomla provides that functionality.
•Project manager: for example, Redmine provides a search engine.
•JOOMLA provides a search engine, useful for made accesible all informations.
Transforming the built environment
Sustainable City Systems
Making Transitions Happen
Industrial Symbiosis
GHG Monitoring
Land and Water Engineering for Adaptation
Climate Services
Blog &news
Events and education have the same requirements in terms of technological tools. That is:

•Publication: provided by joomla standard.
•Calendar: provided by joomla standard.
•Registration: performed by calendar control (doodle) + email.
•Documentation: stored in dedicated server.
•Historic record of all events and training performed with their associated documentation.
_Brokerage Event.
_Visits to workplaces & best practices.
_Regional & European Kick off event.
_Training activities, platform challenge
_Peer coaching ex-Pip & visiting pioneers.
_Consulting by working group.
_Folders, documents and multimedia
_Book, items, research
_A search engine on the items above
_Feedback tools about Pip Program &
Pip Platform activities.
_Latest news: requires easy content
editor with bulletin.
Although there are many and very powerful knowledge management tools, at this point, we propose a first approach, which will cover most of the functionality needed.
•Possibility to store documents in different formats:
documents, html, videos, etc.
•Accessible from different devices: PC, tablets, etc.
•Web accessible.
•Search engine.
•Accessible off-line
•Proposal: main platform (joomla).
_Feedback tools about Pip Program & Pip Platform activities.
• A blog as a simple feedback tool where pioneers and Hosts could
introduce their opinion, suggestion, comments about the Pip Program
and also about the Pip-Platform.

_Lastet news infrastructure:
•Subscribe / Unsuscribe + newsletter & suscribers database + massive email sender.
Christoph Auch
Beck Collins,
David Tronchoni,
Boris Véliz,
T e a m
S e a r c h e n g i n e f o r a l l
Transitional Regional challenges

Organize by topic and Climate KiC challanges, and directly linked with the regional platform for inputs on:

•Prioritization of thematic issues for each regions.

•Analysis of existing or potential future demand, related innovation challenges .

A tool to highlight the relevant results from regional workshop and international crucibles focused on regional challenges
Following the document (Moving to Challenge Platforms) from Climate KIC, Platform summary and next steps, 1/07/2012.

The aims are:
Contribute to a better integration of the activities of innovation, entrepreneurship and education around challenges and make it easier to exploit synergistic opportunities between Pip, Host & group of works.

From a specific Challenges space will be accessible all: projects, events, pioneers, host, and working groups, working on each topic.

There will be a link with current Climate-KIC funded innovation activity.
A community tool that motivate everyone.
A community tool that motivates everyone (pioneers, hosts, managers, etc.)
to check it periodically, participate, provide content and manage projects.
To achieve that, it is important to have:
•Image & Branding.
•Useful home page
•Renovated content
•Single point for everything.
•Latest news.
•Multiple editors (coordinators) who can edit withouth any specific knowledge

A community coordinators behind the technology to edit and manage the governance tools
Regional platform kick-off Event to involve/engage, pioneer, host and disseminate the community.
One day of Regional PiP conferences & social meeting.
One month of posters expositions about Pip program
experiences and projects.
One day of Regional PiP conferences & social meeting.

• Short speech about regional & International projects develop during the program from volunteer pioneers and host.
• Short speech about regional & International group assignment .
• Lunch catering for Pip, Host & 120 professional guests in each 6 regions

One month of posters expositions about Pip program experiences and projects open to the general public, focused on project and lecture learned
in the international experiences.

• A single posters about International projects from volunteer pioneers and host, organized by visited Region.
BP executive summary
Management team
Climate KIC Responsible:
Christoph Auch
European coordinators:
Beck Collins, David Tronchoni, Boris Véliz
Volunteers to work on different task from Hesse crucible,
Communication Plan
Select a regional responsible to involve Pioneers and Host, and to manage the Regional Kick-off Event.
Regional Kick-off events to spread out the community. Could also be useful to present the 2013 PiP program.
European Pip & Host Market place at Innovations festival, once a year.
Beck Collins
Vanessa Aufenanger
Christoph Denecke
José Andringa
Barbara Gherri
Lukasz Trzepior,
Michal Masow
Fernando Mateo,
Javier Lopez,
Javier Mateo,
Leticia Ortega,
Ariel Perea,
Ubaldo Pineda
Boris Véliz
Financial challenges
Selves financial entity achieved by events & training activities organized by community members.
Minimal support from the Climate KIC to start working
Technological development, base guideline
Recommended technological base platform: JOOMLA with templates support, and extensions.
• Hosted in a world class guaranteed dedicated server: 1&1 or similar.

Main advantages:
• free and open source: belongs to the community.
• powerful: fully covers the required functionality.
• popular: easy to maintain in the future.
• low cost, initially and of ownership.
• Linking main technological popular tools: DropBox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Redmine (or similar, for project management).
Plan, milestone, expenses
Edinn as Provider 20.565.03€
Minimal Cost with Eu Co. time
Cost include RCo & Kick-off Event
Veliz as Provider 14.995.40€
Veliz as Provider 28.495,4 €
Yearly maintenance minimum cost: 1,490 € (starting 1/1/2014)
Recommended yearly maintenance cost:
8.800,0 €
6.600,0 €
Tax no included
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