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New Students Day

Introduction to A-Level Business Studies

Vicky Barr

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of New Students Day

What is Business Studies?
A-Level Business Studies
The Marketing
Base Regional Winners
New York
What can the
future hold? ...
An idea
Turning the idea
into a business...
Process of setting
up a business.
Financial Planning
Marketing ...
the customer
Human Resources...
the people the business
Operations ...
how the product is made
or the service is provided
Finance ...
profits and investments
What happens
outside of the business
Start up a business!
Apprenticeship or
AS: Unit 1 and 2
Unit 1
Planning and Financing a Business
Based on an entrepreneur and a start-up business.
40% of AS
Short answer questions and extended responses based on a mini case study.
Unit 2
Managing a Business
Based on a small/medium sized business.
60% of AS
Multi-part data response questions.
A2: Unit 3
Strategies for Success.
Based on a medium/large business and the different strategies a business adopts.
25% of A-Level
Questions requiring extended answers based upon an unseen case study drawing on knowledge for AS unit.
Includes a 34 mark report where recommendations must be made on a business strategy.
A2: Unit 4
The Business Environment and Managing Change.
25% of A Level
Section A: Pre-release theme e.g. Recession, CSR and M&A's. Choice of 2 essays.
Section B: Synoptic, drawing on knowledge from all four units. Choice of 3 essays.
Both sections rely on your own research as you must relate your points to ACTUAL companies.
Remembering information - definitions, theories and formulas.
Numerical skills - calculations and interpreting data.
Research skills - finding out about different businesses and companies.
Revision skills - 100% exam based.
Thinking skills - you have to make your own judgements.
Writing skills - have to write extended essays.
Good luck for your GCSE Results.
Hopefully see you all in September!
Enterprise Day
Winners 2014
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