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State Geography: A New Home

No description

Cait Remus

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of State Geography: A New Home

State Geography: A New Home You just got assigned to teach at John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, Germany next year. We have a team of researchers that will help you find out information about the area you will be living in. Four Roles FOOD CRITIC You are the person in charge of critiquing the food in the area. Observe the types of restaurants that surround the school. SOCIOLOGIST You are the people-observer of the group. You have to look at how populated the area is and what type of area the people are living in. REALITOR Your job as the Realitor is to observe housing and their prices. What kind of houses are in the area? Big...Small... TRANSPORTATION AGENT As the Transportation Agent, you are to find what kind of transportation is provided and how close they are to the school district. Students are to use Google Earth to look up the school and find information based on what is shown on the screen.
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