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Ancient Africa: Kanem-Bornu...the best country ever.

By: E. (T). C.

Carly Montague

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Africa: Kanem-Bornu...the best country ever.

Ancient Africa: Kanem-Bornu By Emily Hilton and Carly Montague The ancient African kingdom of Kanem-Bornu was located within several countries in Africa that have since changed their names in modern times. The natural surroundings of Kanem-Bornu... The geography affected Kanem-Bornu in many ways. Lake Chad was a large part of the success of the kingdom. The area around the kingdom was used for several things. Kanem was conquered in about 1100 CE, beginning the kingdom of Kanem-Bornu. Kanem-Bornu grew because at the height of the Kanuri kingdom, they controlled the northern African trade. One of the most important people in Kanem-Bornu history was probably Mai Dunama Dibbalemi. Another important person was Mai Idris Aluma. The kingdom began to decline around 1600, after the reign of Aluma. Women did most of the work while men governed. Men controlled the government. Farmers provided food for the city, as well as money through taxes. Trade influenced the rise of the empire as well as sustained them. Kanem Bornu was an Islamic empire, influence by the Arabs. They mostly used metals to make art work, which was predominantly statues. Islam strongly influenced the architecture because Mosques had to be built. Geography Rise and Decline Citizens Everyday Life Artwork
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