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8 Min Presentation (BNI)

Title says it all

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of 8 Min Presentation (BNI)

Sandhan Chowdhury
Soft Skills & Behavioral Coach

Trainer and Facilitator
6 years in Coaching.
10 years of Corporate Experience in Spain, US and India.
What are Soft Skills?
The cluster of personality traits, habits, communication, social interactions and Emotional Quotient.
Leadership, Management, Interpersonal Skills, Public Speaking, Sales, Negotiation skills, Customer Service, etc. are all Soft Skills.
They are more important in the long term than Hard Skills.
Training & Business Growth

Staying Fit
Burning Desire
Be the best young trainer in India!
Ask yourself this -
Have I focused enough on developing my Human Capital?
Awareness of your products/Services.
Satisfaction with quality of product/service.
Interaction with you & your people.
Single most important aspect in achieving success for all companies across all industries.
Revenue & Profits
What does your business model look like?
Do your people know how to generate effective leads?
Are they able to clearly communicate details of your products/services?
Do you have a comprehensive sales strategy in place?
How much does each revenue stream contribute to overall profits?
Leadership & Management
Do you have a 3 - 5 year vision plan?
Do you communicate your vision to your people?
Are your employees self-motivated?
Can they look to you for guidance instead of punishment?
Do you have Key Performance Indicators in place?
Business Model
Employee Training
Management System
4 Important aspects of building a thriving, world-class business.
If you have a vision for your business, then I can help you make it a reality by focusing on your Human Capital.
Soft Skills Business Training
Leadership Coaching.
Sales training.
Customer Service training.
Business Etiquette coaching.
Employee performance monitoring training.
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills development.
Marriott Suites on Sand Key, Florida.
Shushrut-Adler Group.
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association's Institute of Management.
M.L. Dahanukar College of Commerce.
Leaping Windows Café (Mumbai & Bangalore).
Retail Outlets.
Pharmaceutical companies.
Hotels & Restaurants.
Educational Institutes.
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