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The 5 themes of geography

No description

Austin Yarbrough

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of The 5 themes of geography

Jamaica is located South of Cuba, North of Columbia, East of Guatemala and West of Haiti. The coordinates are 18 15 N, 77 30 W.
In Jamaica they still have tv and internet but it's all run by one company, Radio Jamaica Limited runs it all. From tv to internet to phone. This is what they use to move ideas.

They use ships and planes for food,cargo and supplies to ship these.

They also use bikes, cars, trucks, planes and ships to transport people to.

Human Environment Interaction
The Jamaicans depend on their country for banannas, mangoes, orchid farms and lots more.

The hurricane season is from june 1st to november 1st. Also they have not had many direct hits for 90 years.

The jamaican people have not changed the island much. With a flat shoreline and not until farther in the island is forest. The people have really just built on the land.
Montego Bay, Kingston, Spanish town and Ocho Rios are all great places to visit in Jamaica.

Spanish town has a lot of historical buildings and attractions that draws out tourists

Montego Bay is the tourist wish destination with diving, yachting and more

Ocho Rios started out as a fishing village then turned out a lot like Montego Bay with tourists and active streets

Kingston is probably the most populated Jamaica being the capital and just having a lot of attactions and history of the country.
Jamaica Has a lot of the biggest and most recognizable rainforests of the world. They're climate is hot,humid and tropical. They also use the Creole language which is a combination of English and African languages.
Jamaica, The 5 themes of geography
The 5 themes of geography
Go to Jamaica to have fun, experience their history and have a wild time, literally if you go on a jungle safari
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