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Create Your Own Religion Assignment

No description

Ashley Brown

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Create Your Own Religion Assignment

1) The Religious Experience
God = Eros
Some other symbols include:
a. Followers of the religion = Lovelians
Leaders of the religion = lovers
b). Lovelism is often practiced in American and North American cultures
Symbols & Rituals
Image by Tom Mooring
Community of Faith
Create Your Own Religion Assignment:

Religious Teaching/ Doctrine
Five Virtues of this religion are:
2) Sacred Story
a. Lovelism consists of one holy book called the Love Locket which is said to be only opened by leaders of the religion.
Presented to: Mr. Reedhead
Presented by: Ashley B, Ashley K and Bree G

found in Greek mythology, was the Greek god of love. His Roman counterpart was Cupid. Eros is known as the son of Aphrodite.
Eros is believed to be handsome and romantic, it is believed by all Lovelians that his arrows are tipped with magic that make anyone struck by them fall in love instantly.
Founder = Venus
Venus is the Roman goddess whose functions compose of love, beauty, fertility, and desire. In Roman mythology. She founded
after falling in love with Eros himself and after having their only child Cupid.
b. The Love Locket consists of 4 major chapters each one dedicated to Venus, Cupid and Ero.
Lovelians often kiss one another on the hand upon encountering for the first time as a gesture for their religion to show love and affection towards everyone.
Chocolate covered strawberries are a necessity in Lovelian households, they are eaten after every meal.
Main Event: Valentines Day
occurs on Feb 14th and is worshiped by Lovelians, it is celebrated by all.
Love Parades
occur on the last weekend of every month; newlyweds make love floats and the winner gets a honeymoon to the city of love ( Paris).
consists of love games such as catch a kiss.
New leaders are chosen through Ero who is trained to shoot you with an arrow after witnessing you obey and follow the 5 main beliefs.
Lovelians gather at chapels ( Loveshacks) where ceremonies are conducted and every member must be wearing only red, white and pink.
If a teaching is disobeyed the person is sent to exile island where they experience complete loneliness and are forced away from love/soulmate possibility.
Table of Content

The indolence of Love (Cupid) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Languishing love (Cupid) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Grace, Charm and Beauty (Venus) . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Mischievous affairs of gods and mortals (Ero) . . . 4
The love Locket
Finding a soul mate
Self Worth
Companionship (Friend and Family)
If a Lovelian commits evil acts a Cupid Cop will shoot the person with a "lonely arrow"
If a Lovelian commits a good act a Cupid Cop will then shoot them with a gold arrow which induces love
c). Lovelism affects the cultures it is involved in by spreading positivity and love throughout everyone's lives. Practicing this religion decreases the amount of crimes/deaths that occur in our region.
Cupid is the God/romance and is seen as the bringer of life. He is the thing that is necessary for humans to look out for each other.
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