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Daphne Dinello

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Edmodo

Edmodo even makes quizzes for you.
Edmodo creates quizzes for teachers to post that students can access online, also students can turn in assignments to their online backpack. Teachers can keep track of grades in real time with the grade book feature.
Grades and Quizzes
Teachers can ask poll questions to find out student's thoughts and feelings. Also, award students badges for good work.
Polls and Progress
Help students stay on task
Teachers can use the planner function to create a calendar to keep track of tasks, lessons plans, and events.
Staying Organized
A social networking site for student and teachers to connect!
Teachers have access to a personal library. Keep all your resources and important information organized in the virtual library.
Stay connected
Teachers can communicate with each other from anywhere in the U.S
Communication can be from teacher to student, student to teacher, or student to student
Students can also connect with other classes
Students can upload photos and other files
Teachers can provide feedback on all projects
Students can provide feedback to each other
Edmodo now has more than 17 millions users. Many teachers are using Edmodo to help students learn.
Many teachers found that their students loved being able to work on and turn in assignments online during non school hours.
Connectivism and social constructivism theories believe that when student can work together on problem solving and topic discussions it can help them learn more information and retain it for longer periods.
Edmodo is a network of information nodes for students to access. Learners can find information from various sources to help them be more in control of their own learning.
Edmodo is like Facebook for schools.
It is a social media site students and teachers can use to communicate in many ways.
Connectivism acknowledges learning as a process and not just reading and memorizing facts. Connectivism also acknowledges learning through social and cultural context.
Edmodo helps learners create their own learning process:
By allowing them to make connections with students in other classrooms, give and receive feedback with peers, and access wide amounts of information in one place.
Social Constructivism studies also show that students get a deeper understanding of what they are learning from group discussions. Edmodo allows students to work together to help each other construct knowledge.

Edmodo has all of the tools it takes to help students learning in the digital age. However there are some cons along with all of these pros.
Has parent access
Easy to use because its much like Facebook
Access to assignments and quizzes
Real time grading
Very good for class discussion groups
Privacy settings for student safety
Easy to give feedback
Free to use
No instant messaging feature
Turned in assignments go into general backpack instead of specified slot
Single wall capability only
Not Ipad friendly
Not easy to create multiple groups
How to Use Emdodo:

Go to https://www.edmodo.com/
Create a free account by signing up with an email address
Create a profile by entering your basic information
Click add group and input student names
Click on the calendar icon to set up your planner and input assignment due dates and event dates
Emodo in motion
Social Contructivism
The theory where students work together in groups to gain knowledge through each other.
This can be applied to collaborative work online and in the classroom.
This theory is based on the individual learning that takes place during the actual group interaction
The theory that focuses on learning that emphasizes the social and cultural aspect of learning.
Connectivism relates work experience, learning, and knowledge.
This can also be done online and in groups although nowadays, collaborating online allows you to connect to others that are outside of your group
Edmodo is an online site that allows you to work with other teachers or students.
Both theories can be applied to this because you are working with others to gain knowledge through each other and through the internet in general.
Post updates on your wall for students to follow
Respond to student inquires on wall posts
Create a quiz or poll for students to take
Enjoy having such easy communication between you and your class.
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