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Abraham Timeline

No description

Austin Bourcier

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Abraham Timeline

Abraham Timeline Birth 2166
Abram born
in Ur of the
Chaldeas Abram marries Sarai Marriage 2091
Age 75
Abram leaves Haran, goes to Canaan.
Genesis 12:4 Abram travels to Bethel.
Genesis 12:8 Abram travels to Egypt.
Genesis 12:10 2081
Abram "marries" Hagar, Sarai's servant.
Genesis 16:1-4 2080
Age 86
Abram's son Ishamael is born.
Genesis 16:15 2080
Age 86
Abram is now Abraham, and Sarai is now Sarah.
Genesis 17: 5,15 2067
The Lord visits Abraham. They tell him Sarah's having a son.
Genesis 17: 19-22 2066
Age 100
Abraham and Sarah son Isaac is born.
Genesis 21: 1-5 2066
God tests Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac
Genesis 22:
1-12 2029
Abraham's wife dies at the age of 127.
Genesis 23: 1-2 2026
Abraham marries Keturah and had 6 sons.
Genesis 25: 1-2 1991
Age 175
Abraham dies and is buried at a cave in
Genesis 25: 7 Relocation Bethel Egypt Hagar Ishamael New Names Abraham's son Isaac is Born The Sacrifice Death of Sarah Death of Abraham Keturah Citations Bradshaw, Robert I.. "Abraham." Biblical
Studies.org.uk. N.p., 1998. Web. 12 Sep 2012.

"Abraham." Biblegateway.com. N.p., n.d. Web.
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