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Happy Birthday Sarbear!!!!!!!!

No description

Hanifa Ismail

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Sarbear!!!!!!!!

Dear sis
Remember this every day
I will always love you and
be with you till the end.
When no one else is around
I'll be always there for you,
and will always be your friend.
A sister is one who reaches for you,
whenever you need a hand.
No matter what, No matter when,
I know I can count on her.
My sister
My sister knows me,
She knows if I've been bad,
She know if I've been good.

Whatever I do,
My sister will always be there,
To support me no matter what.
Happy Birthday Sarbear!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to make this to show how much i care and love u!!!!!!! I LOVE U and We will have a lot of fun,sleepover timeee!!!!!!!

My Sister Hug
My Sister Hug is like the icing in the cake Whenever she hug me when I am happy.
My Sister Hug is like a medicine
Whenever she hug me when I'm sick.

My Sister Hug is like pain reliever
Whenever she hug me when I'm hurting.
My Sister Hug is like the cheering squad
Whenever she hug me when I'm sad.

A sister Hug is the best thing to have,
I do love my sister big hug.
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