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Student Honor Code, Pre-trial Procedures

No description

Kate Jensen

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Student Honor Code, Pre-trial Procedures

Double click anywhere & add an idea Is an Honor Code a legal document at all, or did I already fail this assignment?

Student Honor Codes and the Law

Georgia: Honor Codes as contracts between students and schools
Constitutional rights of students at public universities - Honor Codes and Due Process

Why do we Care? Good Stuff About Honor Codes

Student buy-in
Notice: what not to do
Procedural rights

If we've got one,
what should we put in it? Where is this presentation going?
(Don't waste my time) Roadmap

Should Kate fail this assignment?
What can an Honor Code do for YOU?
Fine, tell me about it
You've thoroughly confused me and now I have questions... How do I know If I've Screwed Up?
(Define the Code)
Example: UGA Law

A student violates the Honor Code if he/she:
a. Knowingly makes a materially false or deceptive statement to a person in authority in connection with an academic matter; or
b. Engages in conduct in connection with an academic matter either:
(1) For the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over another student, or
(2) Under circumstances such that a reasonable law student would know that the conduct was likely to result in an unfair advantage.

It's all clear to me now... ????

Better Example of Defining the Code (maybe): University of Virginia

No student shall be found to have committed an honor violation unless the evidence against him supports, beyond a reasonable doubt, an accusation of an intentional act of lying, cheating, or stealing. Who is going to tell me if I screw up?
(Jurisdiction & Governing Body)
Who is governed?
Governing Body: powers, responsibilities, membership, elections, organization, etc.
Who's driving this thing, students or faculty?
Ratting each other out
(Reporting violations)
Is reporting required?
Who do I tell?
Will everyone know that I told?
What if I'm ruining someone's life over nothing? CSI: UGA Law
Who will investigate?
How much evidence do they need to put you away? (oops, I mean, kick you out)
Who makes the decision to drop the charges or prosecute?
Trial or Bust
(other pre-trial stages?)
Psychological hearing
Pre-trial conference - motions to dismiss
Conscientious Retraction Questions?
(Humor me and ask one) (maybe we both need counseling)
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