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Creative audit tool

No description

Andrew Gusev

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Creative audit tool

Creative audit tool
Why audit ?
What we have seen
What we have done
Other nice ideas
Next steps
What have we seen
High-risk solutions
Advertiser oriented solution
Publisher oriented solution
What we have done
Major features
Efficient user interface
Additional bonuses
Automated detection
Improve qualify of service
98% of impressions
demand audit
Regulatory compliance
Child protection
Personality theft
Brand safety
Valid content
Proper context

To ensure compliance and brand safety
To reduce time-to-market
To optimize bidding
Reduce time-to-market
Ensure SLA enforcement
Manage queue priority
Focusing resources
Bidding optimization
Assign/Verify Brand
Sensitive categories
audit solutions
Just trust your partners
Feedback form for offended users
Eyeball creatives in your database
Human errors
Poor audit trail
Slow, expansive
What is important
for Publishers ?
Visual appearance
Inappropriate content
Exclude competitors
Protection from malware
What is important
for Advertisers ?

Visual appearance
Appropriate age of audience
Sharp targetable verticals
About 7% of impressions may cause harm to a brand advertiser
Share Thumbtack's view on
audit process in ad tech and
present possible approaches

Additional bonuses
SLA performance
Approve/reject rate
Timesheet for auditors
Auditors efficiency
Train auditors
Audit of audits

Major features
Verify visual appearance
Verify technical parameters
Various types of creatives
Protection from exploits
Landing page matches
Filter out inappropriate content
Automated Rules
Attributes to verify
Content and visual appearance
Width, Height, Size
Auditory Categories
Malware and non-approved 4th party calls
Landing page
Cost per audit
Cost of each audit * 10M/m
Speed-up user experience
User-friendly and fool-proof
Low-bandwidth network
Automated detection
Self-learning anomalies detection
Landing page matches specified
Only specified and approved 4th party domains notified

Audit logic is complicated and will evolve
Multiple exchange platforms
Protection from exploitation
Purposefully obfuscated code in creatives
Mobile readiness
Media Types to support
Highly recommended
Image/Animated image
HTML5 Canvas/SVG

Different platforms
Google AdX
MS Ad Exchange
Video is shorter then 30 sec
Initial load size < 150 kb, additional < 2.2Mb
Not approved 3rd-party vendor
No privacy policy on landing page
Creative contains non-functional elements

Mobile challenges
SDK-dependent ad delivery and appearance
Rendering is device specific
MRAID compatibility
Network bandwidth limitations
Next steps
Questions ?

If it make sense Thumbtack is ready to start writing a proposal
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