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Jack Brown

on 19 March 2018

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Transcript of Magic

Balls and cups
Modern magic can be traced all the way back to 2700 B.C. in ancient Egypt with the classic cups and balls trick.
Indian Rope Trick
Another old trick was the "Indian Rope Trick" In which a rope is thrown into the air and stays there. a man climbs up and vanishes. The magician follows, and vanished too. They argue, and the limbs of the man fall down. The magician comes down, puts the limbs in the basket, and the man comes crawling out alive.
Playing Cards
Modern Magic
Contagious Magic
The thought that a person's magic is link to something close to them. Hair, teeth, nails, clothes, etc. If someone were to get a hold of any of those items they could make a potion that could make you fall in love or a ritual that makes you deathly ill.
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Sympathetic Magic
"What happens to (Blank) will happen to (Blank)" Think of a voodoo doll. How if you poke it's stomach the person the doll is made for will also feel that poke.
Two main types of religious magic
Contagious Magic
By Jack Brown
Magic is a very broad topic on it's own and it splits off into two categories or genres.


Religious Magic
Unsure of origin, it's accepted they were invented in china as both a currency and a tool to gamble with. Eventually spreading west to Europe where they would form into the cards of today.
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